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Make Your Employees Feel Part Of The Relocation Process

If you're about to move offices, you'll already know it can divide staff. Some feel highly motivated, and excited about the change, others may feel unsettled and resistant.

Understanding how staff feel about such a move is the first step in planning your communications. And being aware that there are risks as well as rewards.

Any form of organization change can unsettle staff, particularly when the impact on them is unclear. Concerns can result in decreased morale and productivity.

Companies undergo an office move once every seven years on average. (Source: Fresh Business Thinking)

That’s why effective office move communication is essential. It minimizes uncertainty and fear among staff, smoothing disruptions so that moving day is a true cause for celebration.

office move alert on laptop
A pop-up desktop alert is a great way to publish important content to staff that they simply cannot miss

Tools To Manage Office Move Communications

Moving premises is so important and multi-layered that it demands communications to match. Combine SnapComms channels to build a customized communication platform that meets all your needs and helps you get a move on.
Video Alert office move
Video alerts vividly showcase the new location and can feature your CEO or senior manager on-site to demonstrate leadership commitment.
moving updates newsletter
Newsletters provide more detail around key highlights, such as transport options, sustainability, or how the new location provides a better environment for growth and expansion.
moving day office screensaver

Screensavers raise interest by featuring images of new layouts or attractions nearby. They can also include countdown clocks to build anticipation and links to more detail on your intranet.


office move quiz on mobile
An employee quiz can improve employee engagement by allowing everyone to submit suggestions for the new office and have a say in the outcome.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Stay informed

Publish a weekly update via digital newsletter with embedded video and photo boards showing progress of the new premises and other related content.

  • Equip staff with accurate information
  • Improve engagement through visual format

Drive commitment

Build awareness, interest and trust through frequent comms. Reinforce key messages, such as the reason for the move and importance of staff inclusion, with highly-visual content.

  • Raise involvement using interactive tools
  • Enhance positive outcome post move

Build excitement

Generate momentum as moving day approaches. Introduce teaser comms and a countdown campaign using Tickers, Screensavers and Wallpaper.

  • Demonstrate employee care

Encourage action

Motivate staff to contribute, such as helping clear out common areas, with reminder messages sent via a Ticker or Lock Screen.

  • Maintain smooth operations
  • Foster collaboration

Promote feedback

Invite employee input on topics such as décor, break-out zones, meeting room names and furniture options. Use quiz and survey channels to collate feedback and run fun competitions.

  • Foster collaboration and staff buy-in
  • Generate useful ideas

Real Results With Snapcomms

Internal Communications
Improve Readership
Achieve high readership of your office move communications through omni-channel, visually-appealing formats.
Maintain Productivity
Keep workplace momentum up while in periods of transition with content that inspires action and focus.
Engagement handshake
Greater Engagement
Interactive channels - such as quiz and survey - encourage higher levels of employee participation and engagement.
Reassure Staff
Reassure Staff
High quality, engaging communications ensure employees know about important details, feel inspired by the benefits and reassured about their concerns.
Mitigate Misinformation
Mitigate Misinformation
Stop inaccuracies spreading by publishing regular top-down communication that controls the message and addresses concerns.
Strengthen Communication
Strengthen Communication
Use real-time data-driven insights to identify which are the most effective messages, and continually improve.

Take your office move communications to new heights

The SnapComms platform includes features designed to improve the effectiveness of your office move communications, ensuring every employee is in the know. 

  • Set up staff groups to target messages for greater relevance and higher readership. If your office move is staggered, different teams may be on different move schedules and have varying access to the new location. Targeting communications ensures teams receive highly relevant information only.
  • Pre-configure and schedule communications for every stage of the move. Set up desktop alerts or scrolling desktop tickers in advance to remind staff of important deadlines, such as updating contact information, packing up personal effects, applying for new security passes and booking car parks.
  • Personalize your dedicated office move comms with logo or special branding, for instant recognition by staff and distinction from messages on other topics.
  • Real time reporting to identify readership at employee or team level, providing assurance that all staff are being reached.
employee communications
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