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Does your diversity program need a boost?

The benefits of diversity in the workplace are clear.  However, recruiting a diverse workforce and annual diversity training are just the beginning.

Ongoing programs to promote diversity help to break down unconscious bias, to increase feelings of inclusion and to ensure D&I education reaches all employees in a meaningful and cost-effective way.

“Ultimately, America's answer to the intolerant man is diversity.”—Robert Kennedy

Here are some ways the SnapComms Internal Communication Channels can help promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

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Tools For Promoting Diversity

Signal the importance of diversity and inclusion to your organisation with ongoing diversity campaigns.
stop micro aggression screensaver
Screensavers offer a way to raise awareness of unconscious bias (using counter stereotype imagery), celebrate diversity, promote diversity initiatives and to showcase employees from a range of backgrounds. 
Company survey on mobile
Employee surveys Include diversity-related questions in surveys and provide anonymous options for employees to offer feedback and suggestions to empower the whole organization.
BHM katherine johnson lockscreen
Lock screens provide a subtle way to communicate, to address unconscious bias and to reduce the "identity threat" to those in minority groups. 
employee newsletter on mobile
Digital internal newsletters are a great way to feature employees from underrepresented groups and to share their experiences in the organization.
ticker on laptop
Desktop tickers can provide regular prompts, headlines, and updates during events such as a "Diversity Week" campaign. Employees can follow links to further information on the intranet.
employee quiz
An employee quiz can be used to lead employees into biased responses before revealing the correct answer to them. Alert them of their own unconscious bias, otherwise known as "mind bugs".

Use SnapComms Software To:

Reinforce diversity training

Diversity training needs ongoing reinforcement and may not be widely available to all employees.

  • Scale diversity training to the whole workforce
  • Embed a diverse mindset via reinforcement

Break down barriers

Employees tend to feel more comfortable with "people like me". Fear of appearing racist or conforming to a stereotype can create barriers.

  • Educate and reduce fear
  • Break down diversity barriers

Foster inclusion

Use a range of communication tools to highlight a diverse workforce. Help diverse employees feel like they belong in the organization.

  • Promote the stories of minority employees
  • Reduce stereotype threat

Attract and retain talent

An organization that has a reputation for positive inclusion is able to better attract and retain talent.

  • Improve appeal and reputation as an employer
  • Improve employee experience 

Celebrate diversity

Use screensavers, newsletters and other channels to celebrate holidays and events such as Black History Month or Gay Pride Week.

  • Celebrate a multicultural and rainbow community
  • Encourage positive inclusion

Benchmark and track

Use surveys and quizzes to benchmark and track the impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Track progress
  • Measure impact via analytics

Results You Can Expect With SnapComms

Increased Innovation
Inclusion leads to more innovation, better access to talent and better business performance (PwC Research)
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Increased Collaboration
Help employees see differences as a strength and reduce barriers to collaboration across diverse teams
Better Retention
A diverse and inclusive culture allows individuals to contribute to their highest potential
Employer Branding
Employees and customers are more attracted to organizations with a commitment to diversity
Better Results
85% of CEOs who invested in D&I programs saw enhanced business performance (PwC 2015 survey)
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Reduce Risk
Discrimination is costing $64 billion per year in the US alone ("The Inclusion Imperative" Frost 2014)

SnapComms Features for Your Diversity Program

SnapComms provides a range of features to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

  • Multiple visual tools and formats. Keep diversity programs fresh and engaging. Combine a range of channels into an ongoing and evolving D&I campaign.
  • Anonymous response options provide feedback channels and a voice for all employees, even those who may fear discrimination.
  • Configuration options allow you to tag important messages so they continue to notify (only) employees who have not read them yet.
  • Compliance options require staff to acknowledge readership, understanding and acceptance of important messages.
  • Delegated publishing rights allow complex or distributed communication teams to collaborate, configure, schedule and measure D&I communications.
  • Realtime analytics to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of diversity and inclusion programs.

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