Internal Communications Research Report

Download the FREE global report ‘The Next Level’, prepared by ICKollectif and sponsored by SnapComms.

Learn what’s really happening today in the world of internal communications – perceptions, realities, best practice and the future.

The report features the following (and more):

1. PERCEPTIONS – Internal Communications in the Eyes of Business Leaders

  • How business leaders perceive internal communicationIC Kollectif Global Report cover v2

2. INSIDE COMPANIES – The Reality on the Ground

  • Status and trends of internal communication
  • Key mindsets, behaviors and practices for effective internal comms
  • Helping business leaders understand the value of internal comms and its impact on business goals
  • Managing the blurring lines between internal and external communication
  • Best-in-class practices for employee communication from global leaders 

3. THE LICENCE TO OPERATE – Internal Communicators as Key Business Enablers

  • Building the case for internal communicators to be recognized as trusted advisors by senior management 
  • Useful research-based resources to explain the value of internal comms, measure its impact and position it as key for business success

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