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The SnapComms channels of internal communication provide various ways to increase security awareness across the organization.

Security Awareness Screensavers

SnapComms Interactive Screensaver Messages allow you to communicate visually with employees. They make it easy to:

  • Reinforce data security behaviors through visual reminders
  • Change behavior and impart knowledge over time
  • Easily change out security messages with little network impact
  • Target multiple security messages to appropriate employee audiences
  • Enable hyperlinks and drive employees to more information online such as; quizzes, audits and interactive forums on security related issues.

Employee Security Awareness Screensaver Example


Security Awareness Tips on Screensaver


Security Awareness Education Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper

In addition (or as an alternative) to screensaver messages, the SnapComms software allows you to publish security messages to computer wallpaper backgrounds. It permits you to:

  • Cycle multiple messages during the day as wallpaper
  • Reinforce key behaviors over time
  • Target different visuals to retail, corporate and customer-facing vs internal computers.

Measure Employee Security Awareness and Compliance

Desktop Quizzes and Surveys

The SnapComms desktop message software delivers surveys and quizzes to the desktop (and other devices) in visual formats and with auto-reminders to ensure high response rates. Use desktop surveys and quizzes to:

  • Understand current security awareness levels, current behaviors and assess employee understanding of policy and internal security compliance
  • Quiz employees to reinforce security policies and best practice.

The SnapComms desktop message software also makes it easy to send quizzes and surveys to small employee sample groups. This means that you can measure and track security awareness (via different small sample groups) more often and still get statistically relevant data.


Security Compliance Quiz for Employees


Drive Fast Action When Security Processes Change or Action is Required


Deliver Security Alerts on Desktop Newsfeeds

Desktop Newsfeed / RSS

The SnapComms Desktop Ticker tool allows you to deliver headlines as a scrolling ticker on targeted employee computer screens. The channel allows you to:

  • Target messages to everyone or just to specific employee groups involved
  • Ensure audiences see critical security messages in time
  • Drive fast action when processes change or action required (compliance, cut overs, roll outs etc.)

Critical Notifications to IS teams, Critical Breach Notices to Users

Desktop Alert System


Employee Security Training Video Alert Example

Desktop Alert Messages help you to improve employee security awareness by:

  • Driving up security education/training registrations via RSVP Alerts
  • Showcasing dynamic video training content with Video Alerts
  • Targeting messages to everyone or just to specific employee groups involved
  • Driving fast action when processes change or action is required
  • Showcasing video tips, messages and content.

The SnapComms suite of security awareness messaging channels are available as cloud or on-premise versions.