Workplace Wellness Communication

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Is Your Workplace Wellness Program Looking Ill?

Workplace wellness programs give a shot in the arm to employee engagement and business profitability.

When staff are healthy and well, it positively impacts their productivity, creativity and customer service. For businesses, savings to healthcare costs, worker compensation claims and reduced absenteeism all directly influence the bottom line.

More than 60% of employers said workplace wellness programs reduced their organizations’ healthcare costs. (Source: SFM)

If workplace wellness programs are to achieve desired outcomes, effective internal communication to drive employee participation is essential. Unfortunately, in today’s environment of information overload, cutting through the noise of competing messages and workplace priorities can be a real challenge.

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Communication Tools For Workplace Wellness

SnapComms is the antidote to workplace wellness programs with a bad case of poor comms. A flexible, dynamic platform that successfully reaches every employee, every time.
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digital newsletter can be a powerful wellness communication channel when employees are invited to contribute their own articles and experiences.
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Employee surveys assess employees' interest and understanding, allowing you to focus on the wellness initiatives of greatest interest and with the biggest potential impact.
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Screensavers are a great way to raise the profile of workplace wellness programs and related initiatives, informing, encouraging, and recognizing achievements.
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The RSVP tool provides flexible options for enrolling in wellness events and resources, such as health screening, flu vaccinations, weight loss classes, on-site massages, stress counseling workshops, fitness classes, and so on.


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Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Build awareness

Promote wellness training sessions and events with the RSVP tool to maximize interest and attendance.

  • Easily manage multiple time slots and venues
  • Improve staff recall via dedicated branding

Encourage participation

Publish a seasonal wellness newsletter with helpful videos, ‘real world’ staff stories, free resources and other related content to keep workplace wellness top of mind.

  • Inspire staff with useful information
  • Reinforce the importance of wellness

Improve wellbeing

Foster a happy, healthy workplace through promoting positive wellness behaviors on computer screensavers or wallpapers.

  • Reduce cost of illness-related employee absenteeism
  • Encourage behavioral change

Identify issues

Use a staff survey to assess current perceptions of wellness, what things staff would like introduced and which potential events would be most beneficial.

  • Put measures in place before issues escalate
  • Demonstrate employee care

Results Achieved When All Is Well

Reinforce values
Reinforce values
Expectations around correct procedures and behaviors are clear to all staff, especially new hires
Reassure staff
Reassure staff
Employees are assured of the employers’ concern for their wellness, and that any concerns will be addressed
Improve wellbeing
Improve wellbeing
Staff absenteeism related to illness or workplace-inspired injuries drops due to healthier behavior
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Minimize the potential for costly litigation from serious or long-term workplace injuries
Strengthen communication
Strengthen communication
Workplace wellness messages are delivered more effectively through real-time data-driven insights
Boost productivity
Boost productivity
Healthier staff work at higher rates without the distractions of being unwell

SnapComms Features Set The Standard

There’s more to the SnapComms platform than meets the eye. More features are built-in to make your communications even more effective – without adding to complexity.

  • To ensure relevance and avoid information overload, target wellness communications to relevant employee groups based on locality, demographics and specific health issues. One size will not fit all!
  • Recurrence and escalation options increase employee participation rates and allows you to collect representative data from across the workplace with less risk of skewing results.
  • Schedule wellness communications to be delivered at optimum times for maximum readership, including regular prompts and reminders to maintain momentum.
  • Reporting provides insights into readership at employee, team or campaign level, providing assurance that all staff are being reached. Marry this communication data with in-house data on staff absenteeism, health claims etc. to establish an overall picture of campaign effectiveness.
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