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Strong communication skills are essential for good leaders. While face-to-face communication is considered the most powerful way to share messages, it’s often not practical, efficient or appropriate – especially as working conditions have shifted since COVID-19.

Email is no longer a reliable tool for top-down messaging. Employees suffer from message fatigue in this over-used channel. Leadership communications get lost in the noise. Essential information is failing to cascade.

Unleash the power of vibrant, effective and measurable communication channels to ensure your leadership messages are seen, read and actioned.

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The SnapComms platform provides a range of solutions to deliver leadership communications that benefit employees and the business.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

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Results You'll See With SnapComms

Enhanced leadership
Reputation enhanced through authoritative top-down messaging
Increased productivity
Greater respect for and commitment to leaders enhances productivity
Greater participation
Informed workforces mean greater staff involvement and engagement
Improved communication
Greater effectiveness through real-time data-driven insights
Maintained momentum
Focus kept on objectives mitigates straying from the big picture
Increased engagement
Improved positivity and interaction from visual, inspirational content


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"SnapComms has given us a way to remain connected to our staff while they’re remote working, by providing visual communication channels that reinforce the fact that KPMG and our leaders are still thinking of and caring for our staff while they’re working away from the office."

Michelle Littlejohn

Communications Manager, KPMG

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Everything You Need To Reach And Engage Staff – Every Time

Built-in features of the SnapComms platform increase your messaging success and drive results.

Targeting IconTargeting

Send messages to groups or individuals for higher relevance and engagement.

Recurrence Icon


Repeat unread messages to achieve 100% staff readership or response.

Reporting iconReporting

Real-time insights to track performance and improve message success.

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Set up messages to send in advance for greater readership and convenience.

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Provide admin rights to manage user access and improve governance.

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Require staff acknowledgement of messages to ensure readership and compliance.

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