Corporate Screensaver Messaging

Corporate Screensaver messages are a great way to make employees aware of your internal communications without intruding, annoying or adding to the email burden. Think of SnapComms interactive screen savers as engaging, regularly changing, interactive billboards around your business.

SnapComms' Corporate Screensaver messages work like standard screensavers – with some important advantages:

Ambient advertising - Internal communications are delivered by screensaver when staff are in 'downtime' and hence they are more receptive.


Corporate Screensaver Promoting a Staff Survey

Not intrusive - Interactive screensaver messages can act as an effective 'push communications' channel that is not intrusive.

Easily managed - Can be changed and administered by the internal communications team / IT team, marketing team etc.

Easy to deploy and update screensavers - The IT team no longer have to deploy static corporate screensavers using group policy.

Screensavers to signpost content - Direct employees to important new information on the intranet or SharePoint. SnapComms' corporate screensaver messages can contain multiple embedded hyperlinks directing staff to information sources, to provide feedback, to participate in discussion forums or to opt in to staff quizzes, surveys or polls.

Change screensaver message quickly and easily - PowerPoint slides, images with text, countdown clocks, flash animations and video can be deployed quickly and easily in a matter of minutes.

Target screensaver messages - Different groups of staff can receive different content. Target messages using existing Active Directory network structures, Machine Based Targeting and/or create your own targeting groups allowing you to customize employee communications to suit your different internal audiences.


Screensaver Message as an Event Reminder


Scheduling communications - Schedule screensaver messages to appear at times when employees are most receptive. Pre-specify publish and expiry times to help manage internal communications content.


Tempt employees to find out more - For example, about specific business initiatives with click-through links to further information or registration forms.


Corporate Screensaver as an Event Reminder

Brighten up office areas - Think of SnapComms screensavers as changing billboards around the business. They can be especially powerful in open plan areas.

Easy to design - You can design screensaver messages internally, typically in less than 15 minutes. Stock photography websites make it easy to find useful images. You can also develop templates (e.g. in PowerPoint, Photoshop etc.)

Personalized screensavers - Employees are able to upload a personal image to sequence amongst their other screensaver messages (this feature can be switched on or off depending on requirements).

Cost effective digital signage on screensavers - The SnapComms screensaver messaging solution is significantly more cost effective than traditional digital signage solutions.

"We have found screensavers invaluable. They are simple to execute and are immediate and impactful." Diane Robinson, Head of Communications, TelstraClear.

Corporate Screensaver Messaging Options

Options for engaging corporate screensavers include:

Images with text. Pictures speak a thousand words. Convey your message in seconds.

Countdown clocks. For important events or initiatives.

Flash animation. Convert from PowerPoint animations or build animated movies in flash.

Html screensavers. Upload intranet pages, web pages, SharePoint content, anything in html.

News feeds on screensavers. Ensure staff stay up to date with the latest scrolling news content.

Video on screensavers. Multimedia screensavers can contain a range of different content types.

Hyperlinks. Drive staff to further information on the intranet, network, web etc.

Push content to plasma/LCD/LED screens. For staff who do not use computers regularly.

Snooze function. For confidential internal screensaver communications that may be visible to people outside of the organization.


"SnapComms has improved our internal communication tremendously." Michael Madden, Assistant Police Chief, Riviera Beach Police Department.