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Internal Desktop News Feed Tool

Update staff quickly

Use internal desktop tickers to direct employees to pages on the intranet or SharePoint or include customized desktop news feed message boxes that are activated when a headline is clicked.

Targeted information

Target your news to specified staff groups via internal desktop news feeds.

Ideal for call centers and front-line staff

Use a scrolling desktop ticker to keep staff informed of the latest updates and news without disrupting their work.

'Push out' RSS feeds

Remove the need for staff to opt in to important RSS news feeds by delivering RSS via a desktop ticker.

Internal News Feeds on the Desktop


Do staff complain about email overload and that they're too busy to look at the intranet?

An internal desktop news feed is an innovative solution which will ensure your important news and updates get through to staff without them having to seek them out.

SnapComms' Internal Scrolling News feed tool builds on the power of RSS but is more flexible and easy to customize.

Write your own headlines

Write your own desktop ticker content and push scrolling news feeds out to selected staff groups.


Desktop Scrolling News Feed Example


Quick and easy

The desktop scrolling ticker allows you to send information to targeted groups. Simply type in a headline, add the details of a hyperlink or an additional message box and decide your target groups for the desktop ticker.


Latest Announcements on Desktop News Feed

Departmental or team scrolling news feeds

Allows departments to get their news out quickly. For example, the sales department can deliver the latest results to teams.


Activity Updates on Scrolling News Feed


Specify persistence

Set the number of scrolls and, if required, repeat messages until they are opened.


Schedule internal communications

Set the desktop ticker publish time to coincide with external media releases.


Alternative to email during system outages

Provide desktop new feed updates during system outages.

Desktop News Feed Options

  • Persistence

    Optional continued scroll of the desktop news feed until it has been clicked on.
  • Recurrence

    Headline repetition can be set up based on acknowledgement / behavior of the targeted employee.
  • Multiple headlines

    Scroll multiple headlines in one desktop news feed easily.
  • Category markers and icons

    Allocate specific headlines to specific categories. For example: "HR News (and/or icon) ....Headline 1, headline 2, headline3...... IT Updates (and/or icon) ....Headline 1, headline 2, headline3.....Etc. "
  • On screen reminder icons

    For internal staff news feeds items that have not been read.
  • 'Doesn't become wallpaper'

    Set desktop news feeds to disappear after new information has been displayed.
  • Push out existing RSS news feeds

    to employees if 'opt in' is low.
  • Opt in features

    Employees can customize their profile and opt in to additional RSS news feed sources.
  • Branding

    Brand the desktop ticker with organizational logos or information classifications.
  • Snooze function

    For employees who do not want to be disrupted because they are in a meeting or working on an important document. They can be given rights to 'Snooze' for a maximum period specified by the administrator. (This can be overridden by the administrators for urgent updates if required).

"Never before have we needed to get information out to our people as quickly and effectively. SnapComms Tools is allowing us to do that in a way that engages and involves our staff" Carly Orr
Internal Communications

Use Desktop News Feeds for:

  • Latest company news
  • Performance results
  • Intranet updates
  • Competitor updates
  • Market news
  • To profile top performers
  • Survey results
  • Press releases

Internal communications message cut-through

"We no longer have to totally rely on the traditional and over used methods of interacting with our audience i.e. email. We are now bringing to life our messages and programs in a creative, engaging and fun way for all." Bridget Evans
Internal Communications
"I was surprised how quickly and easily a screen saver message could be set up and sent out." Penny St John
Communications Manager
The Quit Group
"Interactive screen saver messaging has helped break down silos and build our internal brand." Annabel Barbosa
Director Communications
"For many, understanding of the world is accomplished not through reading words, but by reading images." Dr. Paul Martin Lester
Professor of Communications
California State University

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Common Concerns / Questions

"IT doesn't have time to implement this"

The hosted version can be tested and deployed by IT in just a few hours. Click here for a typical project implementation plan.

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