Limitations of Traditional Enterprise RSS


E-mail has become an ineffective internal communication channel - most employees have too many emails and ignore the ones that aren’t immediately relevant to them and their role.

Enterprise intranets can be ‘out of sight and out of mind’ for busy employees.


Intranet RSS Uptake Has Been Disappointing

Intranet RSS appears to offer an answer for both of the above problems. However, the uptake and effectiveness has limited by a number of factors such as:

  • Poor governance and out of date content
  • Employees may not know about RSS and feed readers ( awareness and training issue)
  • Content that is not targeted to specific needs resulting in too much noise
  • Employees are not motivated to change their behavior to start using RSS feeds. (Like most technology, user adoption is more about behavior change and culture than technical aspects).

Push Intranet RSS to the Desktop

RSS Desktop Ticker - The SnapComms RSS Desktop Ticker tool can automatically deliver intranet RSS headlines onto the desktop of targeted employees whenever new content becomes available. When an employee clicks a headline, they are able to visit the specific intranet page or read an RSS update in more detail.


Push RSS onto a Desktop Ticker

Targeting of Enterprise RSS feeds – Enterprise RSS feeds can be targeted and delivered based on employee demographics and needs and/or Active Directory settings,

No need for employees to opt in to intranet RSS feeds - There is no need for targeted employee groups to opt into specific intranet RSS feeds. The SnapComms administrator(s) can do this for them. This allows the organization to make the decisions about who needs which content.


Intranet RSS Example


RSS Embedded into a Screensaver



Embed RSS feeds into visual communications - The SnapComms screensaver messaging tool can contain embedded Intranet (or other) RSS feeds.

Deliver Intranet headlines and updates without RSS – The SnapComms desktop ticker tool allows you to write headlines and push them onto the desktops of targeted employee groups as scrolling updates. When an employee clicks a headline they are taken to the intranet page you specify.


Activity Updates on Scrolling News Feed