Measuring Internal Communications Effectiveness

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Internal Communications Made To Measure

Successful internal communications are built on measurement. It validates effort and expense to management and bolsters the case for future resources. Quantifying value is essential in recognizing just how much internal communications contributes to the organization.

Better measurement practices predict increased financial performance.

Selecting the right tools with the right tracking helps connect the dots between internal communication, employee engagement and financial performance.

If your existing communications channels don’t provide reliable measurement of outcomes, how can you know what’s effective and what’s a waste of your time and investment?

You should measure existing knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of employees, prior to any change. Understand employee attitudes then tailor messages appropriate to each audience.

Measure internal communications with snapcomms
Data is key for optimizing internal communications. Insights can be captured via polls, surveys and quizzes.

How SnapComms Measures Up For Internal Communications

SnapComms customizable reporting makes measuring communication effectiveness easy. Delve into the detail of which channels perform strongest and which users have engaged – or take a holistic view of performance across your whole comms platform. The power is in your hands.

company wide announcement alert
Desktop alerts are high-impact, designed for instant attention to priority messages. In-built tracking reports on readership and click-through rates. Track user engagement and use recurrence settings to drive 100% cut-through.
survey measuring comms effectiveness
Employee surveys can be used to collect insights into the effectiveness of internal comms. Flexible question formats and simple data exporting make this a highly effective quantitative measurement tool.
financial services quiz

employee quiz offers unlimited opportunities to measure employee knowledge and understanding in times when internal comms are critical. For example, exporting valuable insights around organizational change.


intranet refresh ticker message
Desktop tickers are important staff notifications where engagement can be measured through click-tracking of in-message hyperlinks.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use Snapcomms Software To Measure Communication Skills:

Establish a baseline

Measure existing knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of employees, prior to any change. Use baseline data to define key performance indicators post-change.

  • Define minimum business expectations
  • Clear attribution of change value

Understand perceptions

Take pulse and temperature checks through surveys following organizational change. Understand employee attitudes and tailor messages appropriate to each audience.

  • Validate message clarity, relevance and credibility
  • Improve provision of employee support
  • Ensure employee responses align with expectations

Track behavior

Staff surveys and quizzes can measure shifts in behavior, plus dive into the causes of any changes. Identify lifts in customer satisfaction and staff retention as a result of changed behavior.

  • Encourage participation to generate more robust insights
  • Accurately measure employee attitudes and beliefs
  • Quantify engagement with online platforms (eg. corporate intranet)

Improve performance

Use desktop alert and ticker reporting to improve campaign performance in real-time. Identify early warning of potential issues before they escalate.

  • Increase message readership and engagement
  • Compare accurately against often-inflated email readership rates
  • Assess overall campaign value and ROI

Results You Can Rely On With SnapComms

Increased performance
Increased performance
Insights that help shape continuous improvement in content, driving greater employee productivity and business performance
Deeper insights
Deeper insights
Understand and influence the feelings and attitudes underpinning employee actions
Reduced wastage
Reduced wastage
Use metrics to see which content resonates with employees, curtail time and resource in non-performing communications
Sustained improvements
Sustained improvements
Foster a virtuous cycle of improvement for communications through tracking, learning and applying
Enhanced reputation
Enhanced reputation
Build the perception of internal comms as a performance-driving discipline, to C-Suite and the whole organization
Improved communications
Improved communications
More effective messages through real-time data-driven insights; identify best-performing channels to suit different messages

Extra Features To Measure Communication Effectiveness

The SnapComms platform includes special features and unique channel applications to enable effective measurement.

  • The SnapComms content manager provides full reporting around message visibility, recurrence statistics, cut-through, hyperlinks clicked, and survey and quiz results. Reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis.
  • The registration alert tool can collect information from employees regarding their demographics and information preferences. Targeting groups can then be set up based on this information. This functionality allows demographic surveying, for example to collect responses from employees with families versus those without.
  • Targeting features make it possible to pilot and pre-test communications within a specified group of employees. It’s also possible to assess the impact of communications by making comparisons to a defined control group.
  • The RSVP alert tool sends invitations to targeted employees with multiple attendance options. Outlook calendars are updated with each employee’s selections. Reporting options show who is attending which session, as well as the answers to any additional questions that have been included (eg. dietary preferences, transport requirements etc).

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