Improving Employee Health And Safety In The Workplace And At Home

Posted 02 July, 2020 in Product Insights, Health and Wellness

health and safety in the workplace

As some businesses begin planning a return to work, Health and Safety is more important than ever. Many organizations are working in a heightened risk environment due to staff or equipment shortages. Others are struggling to navigate best practices during a pandemic.

With US businesses spending more than $1 billion per week on severe and non-fatal workplace injuries, making sure your staff maintain best practices for Health and Safety is crucial to ensure your business doesn't face extra costs during these tough economic times.

Improving Workplace Health and Safety

SnapComms can help condition your staff to new guidelines or safe workplace practices with our new Health and Safety Templates. These are specifically created to cater to the current working environment many employees are working in.

These new Templates aim to help educate and keep your staff safe. They use a range of channels to ensure the right message is communicated to your team in a way that's relevant to them and which achieves maximum readership.

daily health check-in survey

With many employees returning to work, we've created a Health Check-In Survey that your staff can receive before they begin working onsite. The staff survey seeks acknowledgement that your employees aren't symptomatic and haven't been advised to quarantine by a health professional.

As your staff are working, they can also receive a Ticker message reminding them to wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as a Screensaver to visually promote basic Health and Safety guidelines.

These templates can be used in a range of different industries and settings, from office-based corporate environments to hospital wards, frontline retail stores and large-scale manufacturing operations.

Meet the Office Worker of the Future

Working continually a desk can deteriorate employee health and wellbeing over many years, whether in the office or at home. Need convincing?

emma doll

Source: Sky News

Meet Emma. She's a life-sized doll created by scientists to show what a desk worker could look like in just 20 years' time. She has a hunched back, protruding stomach, sore eyes and several medical problems. Her thick varicose veins stem from spending so much of the day sitting down, her protruding stomach is due to her sedentary lifestyle, and her hunched back and red eyes are from leaning forward and staring at a screen.

Unless changes to our office working environment are made, this is the current and future reality for many people. Proper health and safety practices can go a long way to avoiding this fate.

Promoting Health and Safety

By providing wellbeing guidance, employers can create a culture of health that staff can understand and feel part of.

Communicating this in the right format is crucial. Within the SnapComms Content Manager, we've created a series of animations to encourage your staff to adopt healthier behaviors while in the office or at home.

health animation

These animations are simple yet effective to remind your team of basic activities to be a little healthier or productive while working in an office environment.


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