Internal Communicators face two challenges when attempting to reach call center employees:

Challenge 1: Information Overload


Internal Newsletter Software

Prior to using the SnapComms tools, a call center measured the information being sent to call center reps to read... and discovered they were sending 92,000 words a month (1/3 email copy, 2/3 linked web pages/docs). This didn’t include one-on-one emails or emails from corporate – just the information sent in broadcast email by the Call Center division.

Aggregating these messages into short summaries in an internal newsletter helped them to reduce information overload for call center employees.

Call Center Communication Tool -Internal Newsletter tool



Challenge 2: Limited Access to Email

Call center employees do not always have access to email. This clearly presents a challenge for internal communicators. Non email communications channels can be paper based, time consuming and resource heavy. For example:

  • Supervisors dropping photocopied information onto employee’s desks
  • Team meetings for information updates (expensive non-call time)

SnapComms Case Study : Communicating in a call center without email.


Typical Call Center Employee Communication needs

Typical call centers have the following employee communication needs:

Fast message cut-through for urgent call center communications.

desktop-alert-for call-centers

Desktop Notification for Employees


Desktop Alert Messages and Desktop Newsfeeds are an effective way to reach employees with important call center communications such as:

  • Process changes
  • System outage and update notifications
  • Change communications
  • Emergency communications

An effective channel for lower priority call center communications.


Scrolling updates on Employee Computer Screens

Desktop Scrolling headlines are an effective way to update call center employees without interrupting them. For example:

  • Financial results and business performance updates
  • Compliance communications (e.g. policy communication)
  • Tips of the day
  • Special staff promotions
  • Event reminders

If employees are busy, message recurrence options ensure that messages are eventually read. The SnapComms call center communications system also provides full reporting of message cut through.


Internal Updates Scrolling on the Computer Screen

Raise awareness without interruption of call time.


Centralised Screensaver Messages

It is important to communicate less urgent messages to call center employees in ways that do not interrupt them whilst they are on calls. Screensaver messaging can be an affective way to do this. Fot example to:

  • Promote organizational values
  • Deliver reminders
  • Promote internal campaigns and events
  • Promote rewards and recognition
  • Promote social activities
  • Etc

Improve two-way call center communication.
A desktop Staff Survey provide the means to:


Desktop Survey tool

  • Take quick temperature checks on specific issues
  • Gather regular feedback from call center staff
  • Involve employees by asking for their views and preferences
  • Measure the effectiveness of internal events.

Customizable recurrence options allow staff to defer completing the survey or poll for a specified number of times.


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