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HR Communication - Effective Tools and Tactics

Why is Effective HR Communication Important?

Erosion of trust and engagement - SHRM's 2010 job satisfaction survey notes that 3 in 10 employees are looking for a job elsewhere in 2010. Trust and engagement have been eroded during the recent recession and rebuilding employee engagement is now an imperative for many organizations.

Effective HR communication - contributes to learning, teamwork, safety, innovation and improved productivity across the organization. It also plays an important part in reducing employee turnover and customer turnover.

Pay and benefits communication - may have regulatory requirements that need to be adhered to. Such HR communications may also provide an opportunity to add value for employees.

Connecting employees to strategy and values - Effective HR Communication helps provide a 'line of sight' between business goals and individuals roles which in turn increases the effectiveness and profitability of the organization.


What Makes Effective HR Communication Difficult?


Multi-generational work forces

A typical organization has a blend of employee demographics (Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y). Communications that work for one generation may not work for another. Gen Y employees tend to prefer technology over face-to face Communications, are good at multi tasking and like information in small chunks. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, tend to favor face-to-face and printed HR communications. Subject interests may also vary. For example, older employees are likely to be more interested in communications regarding retirement benefits, where as younger employees are likely to be more interested in career development opportunities.

Different HR communication preferences and needs

In addition to generational differences, employees also have different communications requirements. Some people need to hear information, some need to read it and others need to experience it in order to comprehend it.

Information overload

Information overload is a major cause of workplace stress and lost productivity. It is important to address the causes of email overload and to ensure that important messages cut-through.

Constrained message recall

Even in situations where information overload is not a factor, research shows that people typically remember only three to five points from any communication. Effective communication strategies can ensure that the most important points of a communication are understood and retained.

Virtual Workforce

Many organizations now have employees working remotely and also possibly in different time zones. HR Communications need to 'reach' all employees regardless of their physical location.


HR Communication - How the SnapComms Tools can Help




Deliver HR Communications in an engaging interactive way

The SnapComms solution offers a range of ways to get messages across to different types of employees. For example:


Screensavers for Visual HR Communication



(60% of people communicate visually).





Use short summaries (or 'tweets' ) in SnapMag and on scrolling desktop news feeds for Gen Y employees with hyperlinks to further detail (to appeal to the older employees).


Communications delivered by a Scrolling Desktop Ticker



Desktop Quiz Example



Desktop Quizzes for people who communicate by 'doing'.





Online Forum Example



Plug-and-play Internal Social Media tools for discussion, further context, Q&A and helpdesks.








Message cut-through

Communications channels such as Desktop Alerts and Scrolling Desktop Newsfeeds ensure that important Communications achieve cut-though. Message reporting and acknowledgement features can help track how effectively important messages are reaching their audience.

HR Communications as a Desktop Newsfeed


Message targeting

Employees have different Communications needs and the SnapComms tools are easy to target to different employee audiences. The SnapComms solution automatically detects existing network structures and permits message targeting based on these structures, machine based targeting (and / or newly created targeting groups).


Demographic profiling

The SnapComms solution provides a Registration tool which allows employee to specify factors such as demographics or information preferences. The SnapComms solution then automatically sets up message targeting groups to match these needs.


User Generated Internal Newsletter Example



Reduce email overload

The SnapMag user generated staff magazine aggregates 'mass email' updates from across the organization into an easy to read format that reduces interruption time and increases message cut-through.








Scheduling of HR communications to ensure delivery when employees are most receptive

The SnapComms' Communication system allows all types of messages to be pre scheduled with start and expiry times. In addition, Communications on screensavers are, by their nature, displayed when staff are most receptive (and not deeply focused in a piece of work).




Desktop Alert Example


Secure communications channels for commercially sensitive HR communications

SnapComms messages can't be easily forwarded (unlike emails). Only staff with a unique client applet residing on their computer can see SnapComms messages. Confidential HR communications can also be set up to be automatically deleted from local computers as soon as they have been read.






it-communication-by screensaver

Pop-up Desktop Survey


Feedback / two way communications

The SnapComms Desktop Survey tool provides a means to carry out; opinion surveys, compensation surveys etc. to allow you to collect feedback and gather research prior to develop new HR policies and practices.





Obtaining leadership support

Reporting and measurement tools can help ensure leadership support for HR Communication. (See "Measuring Communication").

Case Studies

Check out our Internal Communication Case Studies.


HR Communications Solutions

HR Communications Tools

Communicate by Interactive Screensaver

Desktop Staff Alerts

Scrolling News Feeds

Employee Blogs and Discussion Forums

Innovative Staff Magazine Tool

Staff Survey Tool

Staff Quiz Tool


Key Features

  • Message targeting
  • Message sheduling
  • Message recurrence based on user behavior
  • Local message removal upon expiry
  • Delivery, open and display reporting

“We needed something that was flexible, easy to use, that could target the whole organization, parts of it or individuals.”
Eli Fernández
IT Service Management Lead EMEA
Towers Watson

“Store staff on the shop floor needed something that popped up in whatever tool they were using and SnapComms gave us that ability. It is the tool we use to push information to store staff.”Sarah Arthur
Retail Communications Manager
Virgin Mobile UK

“We have found screensavers invaluable when we need to communicate and celebrating our successes. They are simple to execute and are immediate and impactful”.

“We’re delighted with the way the tools have helped us improve our communications across the organisation, break down silos and help create an all-important team atmosphere across the group”. Diane Robinson
Head of Communications
Telstra Clear

“The SnapComms internal communications tools brighten the office making it more vibrant. It has positively impacted on staff engagement levels and brand alignment”
Matt East
Internal Communications
Vodafone NZ

“The SnapComms Call Center Communications Channels have helped us improve staff engagement levels”
Julia Hope, Alison Rooney
Communications Manager, Internal Communications Coordinator
Laser UK

“SnapMag's use of user generated content allows everyone to be part of the process of including information in the magazine”Cosima Wagner
Marketing & Communications

“We have already seen a much greater understanding and subsequent adoption of particular company/strategic notifications or policy changes.”Brett Howard
Marketing & Communications Manager

“Screensaver messages have really helped to build our internal brand and culture and act as mini-billboards promoting things of benefit and interest to staff.”
Annabel Barbosa
Director, Communications

“SnapComms tools are a fantastic way to 'push' communications to your business. They cut through the clutter and are measurable" Josie Heap
Former Intranet Manager
Yellow Pages

“The main selling point for us was the flexibility of content administration and ease of targeting messages.”Ray Thomas
Helpdesk Manager

“The SnapComms tools allow us to educate employees around key brand messages and values."Rella Stone
Senior Manager
Information Security
Cox Communications

“The SnapComms' tools provide a range of ways to encourage and motivate staff to actively participate." Kelvin Tan
General Manager

“The SnapComms tools allow us to educate employees around key brand messages and values." Julia Hope
Communications Manager
Cox Communications
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