HR Calendar of Activities 2024

Posted 29 November, 2023 in Human Resources, Strategy

HR Calendar 2024

According to a Gallup employee engagement study published in 2023, employee engagement has continued to drop in the U.S., with only 32% of U.S. employees identifying as “engaged”. This is a huge challenge for organizations trying to ensure their employees are engaged not only with their work, but also with their colleagues and work culture.

However, the same research group found that the most engaged workforces were able to see an average of 70% employee engagement even during highly disruptive times.

How did they do it?

They embraced flexible hybrid working while maintaining strong connections, made business decisions guided by their culture and values, and ensured managers were equipped with the skills and tools needed to have meaningful conversations with employees.

The SnapComms 2024 HR calendar can help Human Resource professionals achieve high employee engagement across their organization by ensuring that they know exactly when events should take place, and what they should be about.

By using this HR calendar, HR teams can expect these benefits:

  • Hosting engaging events that build stronger connections and collaboration

  • Celebrating events and employees which promote the organization's values and culture

  • Providing additional opportunities for employees to connect and have meaningful discussions  

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Calendar Events 

Within the HR calendar, you’ll find the details you need to schedule HR events for 2024. These include days such as:

  • National holidays such as Good Friday, Labor Day, and New Years

  • Employee appreciation days such as International Women’s Day, Employee Appreciation Day, and HR Professionals Appreciation Day

  • Conferences and events like the HR Transform conference and SHRM Annual Conference

Special dates include:

  • January 15 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • March 1 – Employee Appreciation Day
  • May 5 – Cinco de Mayo
  • June – Pride Month
  • October – Global Diversity Awareness Month
  • October 14 – Indigenous People’s Day
  • November 5 – Election Day (US)

Your communications team can also use this as an internal communication calendar, planning the essential initiatives to keep staff informed and engaged throughout the year. You may also want to enter important compliance or payroll activities related to employees.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

The dates we've included are only a start – we encourage you to add key dates, special occasions, initiatives, and events relevant to your organization. These could be specific to where in the world you’re based, the diversity of your employees, or the industry sector you operate in.

Some ideas to get you started: 

  • Company team-building events
  • Regional or industry events you attend or exhibit at
  • Launch dates for major campaigns or initiatives
  • Birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Learning and development programs or events
  • Volunteering days
  • Employee resource group events

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HR calendar activities examples


How to Use the HR Calendar

SnapComms has updated the HR Calendar in 2024 – we’ve made regional versions filled with local holidays to save you time! To edit the pdf document input your text into the day where you want to add information.

To get the most out of this calendar:

  • Identify key engagement areas – utilize employee survey results to focus on the areas that need improvement in your organization.

  • Set goals – be S.M.A.R.T. about setting goals so you align them with your chosen events/activities.

  • Allocate resources – ensure you can achieve your goals and create some meaningful experiences within the boundaries of your budgets.

  • Schedule activities – maximize employee participation and impact by being thoughtful about when and how you host activities (think accessibility and inclusion for all).

You could also create two versions of the calendar – one for your HR communications and one for the wider business so they can keep an eye on any upcoming events/activities. Download any of the calendars relevant to your region – US, UK, Australia, or all three!

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