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Keeping employees informed on the COVID-19 coronavirus situation is essential. The ready-to-use content below helps you get the message out to your staff faster - whatever you need to say.

Policies And Updates

Channel: Alert
Message: New company policy


Coronavirus preparedness:
Changes to employee leave policy

Following guidance issued by government health agencies, our company policy covering employee leave entitlements has been updated due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The updated policy covers self-isolating when sick, self-isolating when not sick, being diagnosed with CIVID-19 and caring for dependents. The changes are effective immediately.

Please read our updated policy to understand the changes made. Refer any questions to your line manager. We appreciate your cooperation.

Channel: Ticker (with message window)
Message: Policy update


IMPORTANT: Changes to employee health, travel and leave policies have been released in response to the coronavirus. Please read the updated policies for details.


Coronavirus update:
Changes to workplace policies

Changes have been made to the following workplace policies in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Please make sure you’re familiar with the latest updates.

  • COVID-19 Prevention and Containment Policy
  • COVID-19 Leave Arrangements Policy

Please direct any queries to your line manager. Let’s work together to keep everyone safe.

Channel: Ticker (with message window)
Message: Policy update


POLICY UPDATE: Travel restrictions remain in place to protect everybody’s health. See the current status >>


Coronavirus update:
Travel restrictions

To help protect staff and minimize risk, the following restrictions are in place until further notice:

  1. All international business travel is cancelled
  2. All domestic business travel must be authorized by your line manager

Where possible, make use of video conferencing, Microsoft Teams and other tools. Please direct any queries to your line manager. Let’s work together to keep everyone safe.

Health And Wellbeing

Channel: Ticker
Messages: Daily reminder

Wellbeing iconTODAY’S HEALTHY TIP: Maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Keep yourself and our workplace safe.

Wellbeing iconTODAY’S HEALTHY TIP: Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Hands can pick up viruses that enter your body through eyes, nose or mouth, and which can then make you sick. Keep yourself and our workplace safe.

Wellbeing iconTODAY’S HEALTHY TIP: Follow good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of used tissues immediately. Keep yourself and our workplace safe.

Wellbeing iconTODAY’S HEALTHY TIP: Keep surfaces clean to stop the spread of germs. Clean all high-traffic surfaces like tables, desks and kitchen counters at least once per day.

Channel: Alert
Message: Tips for better health


Health and wellbeing:
Five tips for maintaining strong mental health

In this time of crisis, it’s common to feel anxious or stressed. The World Health Organization recommend these tips for maintaining good mental wellbeing.

  1. Only seek information from trusted sources – minimize watching or reading anything that makes you anxious
  2. Stay connected and maintain your social networks – try to keep to your usual daily routines
  3. Pay attention to your body – take breaks, get outside, eat and drink when your body signals it needs it
  4. Share positivity – amplify hopeful stories of local people and celebrate successes at work
  5. Protect yourself and be supportive of others

If you’re feeling worried about anything, please reach out to your line manager. We’re here to support you.

Infographic download: Improving Mental Focus and Wellbeing

health and wellbeing

Leadership Communications

Channel: Alert
Message: Leadership update


CEO update:
Coronavirus policy

Please refer to the update from our CEO for the latest actions the company is taking to protect your personal wellbeing and our overall workplace safety.

Refer any questions to your line manager. We appreciate your cooperation.

Channel: Alert
Message: Business continuity


CEO update:
Latest business update

The leadership team are committed to keeping all staff informed throughout this difficult time.

Read the latest update from our CEO on what’s happening across the business. This includes:

  • Operational update on current business status
  • Summary of key activities being focused on
  • Maintaining our company culture online

Read the update

Another update will be coming soon. We’ll continue to provide these on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions in the meantime, please direct these to your line manager.

Channel: Alert
Message: Maintaining productivity


Keeping on track:
Focus on achieving our goals

It’s important to stay focused and productive, especially in these times of upheaval.

Focusing on achievement within our roles gives us all purpose and a valuable sense of normalcy. For the business, it also helps keep us all progressing towards the goals we set.

Your manager will continue to communicate and work with you on agreed priorities. Regular check-ins will help identify anything you may need to meet these.

If you require support or have questions, please reach out to your manager anytime.

Working From Home

Channel: Alert
Message: Daily WFH Tip #1

Working from home daily tip:
Be cyber-safe

Don’t fall for clickbait emails or links. Some cybercriminals send emails claiming to be legitimate, but which contain malicious software that could infect your device.

Follow these tips to avoid getting tricked:

  1. Never respond to an email requesting your personal information
  2. Check suspicious email addresses or links by hovering your mouse button over the URL to see where it leads
  3. Watch for spelling and grammatical mistakes – an email with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors is likely to be fraudulent
  4. Look for generic greetings – using “Dear sir or madam” is a signal the email isn’t legitimate
  5. Avoid emails insisting you act now – phishing emails often try to demand immediate action

Channel: Alert
Message: Daily WFH Tip #2

Working from home daily tip:
Staying happy and productive

Working from home can take some adjustment at first. Try these tips to help you stay focused and healthy, wherever you’re working.

  1. Create a productive workspace - A separate room, good airflow and comfortable chair
  2. Structure your day - Allocate times for the key things you need to do
  3. Start strong - Focus on completing a task before 9am to score an immediate win for the day
  4. Minimize distractions - Manage those nagging household chores, errands or kids
  5. Stay connected - Overcoming social isolation is critical
  6. Keep healthy - Drink regularly, take your breaks and get some exercise

Infographic download: Staying Happy and Productive While Working From Home


Infographic download: Cyber Security While Working From Home


Infographic download: Strategies for Success While Working From Home

strategies for success

Infographic download: Staying Connected While Working From Home

staying connected

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