IT Outage Notification Templates

Posted 14 October, 2019 in IT and Technology


When planning an IT outage or experiencing an unplanned outage, it’s important to communicate well with all employees affected.

Raising awareness around outages will save the IT team time and effort responding to multiple service requests. This is more efficient for everyone – and allows the IT team to focus on the work they need to do.

To make this even easier, and increase the effectiveness of your communications, ready-to-use IT outage message templates are available right now for your IT team to use - just select, edit and send.

Use these templates as a guide for your IT outage notifications.

  1. Planned IT Outage
  2. Unplanned IT Outage
  3. Ready-to-use Outage Templates

1. Planned Outage Notification Template

For planned outages, effective communication will give staff time to prepare in advance. If employees understand the reason for the outage, you’re more likely to get their support and co-operation.

Send multiple reminders to staff in the days coming up to a planned outage to ensure staff are prepared. Include:

  1. A brief, non-technical explanation of the proposed IT event/outage/upgrade – including the services involved
  2. An explanation of why it’s being undertaken – what’s the benefit?
  3. The start and end time that services will be affected
  4. Next steps once the outage is complete
  5. Contact details of at least one person







Please be aware that on [DATE] the [OFFICE OR LOCATION] IT Team will conduct a scheduled outage on IT systems and services. Certain IT services hosted in [OFFICE OR LOCATION] will be affected. The outage is expected to last from [START TIME AND TIMEZONE] until [END TIME AND TIMEZONE]. The IT Team will advise when all services are restored.

Services impacted: [LIST OF SERVICES]

What is not impacted? [LIST OF SERVICES]

Impact: Any emails sent to [OFFICE OR LOCATION] staff during this scheduled outage window will be queued and delivered once service has been resumed.

Questions? For more information, please contact the IT Service Desk by emailing [EMAIL ADDRESS] or phoning [NUMBER].

2. Unplanned Outage Notification Template

For unplanned outages, timing is everything. Staff need outage alerts as soon as possible to avoid frustration and an influx of Helpdesk calls.

Inform them of alternative systems to use during the outage period so that they can keep working. Include:

  1. Which services are affected – including whether the service is slow, intermittently down or totally down
  2. A brief, non-technical explanation of what has happened (if known)
  3. Next steps in diagnosing and fixing the cause
  4. Anticipated timeframes for resolution (if known)
  5. Contact details of at least one person


Issue with [SERVICE]

[SERVICE OR SYSTEM] has been experiencing problems since [START TIME, TIMEZONE AND DATE]. Users in [OFFICE OR LOCATION] are currently unable to access [SERVICE OR SYSTEM].

The IT Team is working to resolve this issue. An update will be sent at [TIME AND TIMEZONE].

For more information, contact the IT Service Desk by emailing [EMAIL ADDRESS] or phoning [NUMBER].

3. SnapComms Ready-To-Use IT Outage Notifications

SnapComms offers alternative methods to get employee attention for important messages. We’ve developed ready-to-use notification templates for IT teams to just edit and send. Fast, simple, efficient.

These templates combine best practice design with pre-written content to make delivering successful messages fast and simple.

IT outage notification   System outage notification

IT outage ticker


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