Tips & Templates For The Best Healthcare IT Communication [guide]

Posted 28 August, 2020 in Hospitals and Healthcare, IT and Technology, Cyber Security


Hospitals and healthcare facilities are huge users of IT services. Hundreds of staff rely on thousands of systems to help them deliver the best patient care. Keeping systems up to date, secure and used is a challenge for busy IT teams.

The information in this guide is designed with IT Managers in mind. Strategies and best practice advice are derived from the experience of a range of different healthcare facilities across the world.

From cyber security to the latest tech, this is your essential guide to effective IT communication in healthcare. You'll get tips and tactics on:

  1. Cyber security: A 7-step plan to achieving better healthcare cyber security
  2. Digital transformation: Achieving successful IT projects from conception to deployment
  3. System outages: The secrets to recognizing and fixing common IT outage mistakes in hospitals
  4. User adoption: Ensuring healthcare workers are informed about, invested in and using new tools
  5. Technology and communications: Five emerging themes changing the future of healthcare IT

Download the guide:

Hospitals and Healthcare IT and Technology Cyber Security

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