Hand Hygiene In Healthcare

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Better Hand Hygiene Communication Is In Your Hands

Practicing correct hand hygiene is essential for hospital workers to protect good health. It’s the simplest and most effective way to prevent infections and the spread of germs, yet research suggests healthcare workers do this only half as much as they should.

Each day about one in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection. (Source: CDC).

Regular hand washing reduces the risk of flu, food poisoning and healthcare associated infections. For dutiful and responsible employers, reminding staff of good hand hygiene is paramount. 

hand hygiene wallpaper on desktop
Highly visual tools, such as screensavers (above), provide a non-intrusive yet powerful reminder to staff about hand hygiene

Hardworking hospital staff are constantly busy on wards, attending to patients. In this pressured environment, easy-to-see internal communication is the remedy for lapses in hand hygiene behavior – helping hospitals keep patients, visitors and staff healthy.

A short, quick visual prompt about the importance of hand hygiene can minimize cross-contamination and keep infection at bay. 

Boost Hand Hygiene awareness using effective internal communication channels for all to see [video]

Communication Tools For Hand Hygiene Compliance

Unlike stale corporate emails, SnapComms internal communication software is compelling, dynamic and interactive – meaning your messages get higher cut-through and you achieve better hand hygiene compliance in healthcare workers.
color codes screensaver on laptop
Screensavers use eye-catching visuals to remind staff of your hand hygiene policy, illustrate why this is important, promote Hand Hygiene Champions, and even include hyperlinks to additional online material.
Hand hygiene hospital ticker
Desktop tickers deliver the latest hand hygiene updates and key messages from CEOs or other influencers, demonstrating the importance of correct hand hygiene as a daily concern.
hand hygiene mobile survey

Employee surveys can collect data anonymously on current hand hygiene behavior. Results data may easily be accessed to help managers benchmark improvements made following an internal comms campaign.


rsvp hand hygiene training session
The RSVP tool can drive attendance for those high-importance safety training sessions. Staff are encouraged to attend, which increases the value of the sessions and improves overall workplace safety.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Demonstrate importance

Desktop tickers remind staff of high importance topics that deserve immediate attention, like hand hygiene.

  • Equip staff with helpful information
  • Reinforce hand hygiene as a ‘real’ issue

Drive positive behavior

Use staff surveys to understand current behaviors and identify barriers to successful behavioral change.

  • Reinforce desired behavior
  • Increase training effectiveness
  • Provide a whistle-blowing outlet to confidentially call out poor compliance practices

Improve wellbeing

Affirm the value of happy, healthy workplaces through promoting positive behavior messages on computer screensavers or wallpapers.

  • Increase participation in campaign activities
  • Reduce cost of illness-related employee absenteeism

Manage successful campaigns

SnapComms multi-channel approach allows campaigns to be planned more creatively, deployed dynamically and effectively, and measured accurately in real time.

  • Chart improvements over time

A Clean Sweep Of Results With SnapComms

Improve wellbeing
Improve wellbeing
Staff absenteeism related to workplace-inspired illness drops due to better hygiene practices and cleaner environments
Enhance satisfaction
Enhance satisfaction
Greater customer satisfaction through reduced illness-related complications, enhancing potential for positive patient reviews
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Minimize the potential for costly litigation driven by patients suffering complications caused by poor hand hygiene
Improve morale
Improve morale
Staff are assured of the hospital’s concern for their health and safety, improving general workplace satisfaction
Reinforce values
Reinforce values
Expectations around correct hand hygiene procedures and behaviors are clear to all staff, especially new hires
Strengthen communication
Strengthen communication
Hand hygiene messaging are made more effective through real-time data-driven insights

Extra Features To Drive Performance

Better hand hygiene communication is made easy with special features of the SnapComms platform. 

  • Targeting messages to only relevant staff improves readership and response. Set up custom groups to send content specific to their role or location. For example, distinct messaging to staff in different departments or buildings, where handwashing facilities and requirements are different.
  • Preconfigure sequential communications around your hand hygiene campaign to both save time and ensure none of your essential follow-up comms are neglected.
  • Compliance with hand hygiene policies can be proven by using a confirmation piece capturing employees’ commitment through mandatory “I comply” or “I agree” messaging.
  • Pop-up notifications can be used as reminders to staff to drive higher quiz and survey participation and quiz “pass” rates.
  • Real-time tracking provides insights into readership at employee or team level, providing assurance that all staff are being reached.
employee communications
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