Improving Healthcare Communication

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Communication Is The Lifeblood Of Successful Hospitals

Understanding the unique demands of hospitals is critical for efficiently communicating with staff. There are many challenges in this fast-paced, unpredictable environment.

The needs of communication in healthcare are diverse – from urgent (system outages or on-site crises) to informative (operational reminders or process updates).

Good internal communication is at the operational heart of every successful hospital.

Reaching thousands of hospital staff with the right information, in the right way, at the right time, is essential. Today’s modern hospitals demand modern communication tools.

hospital code alert on mobile phone
Publish important messages direct to employees' mobile (or desktop) screens to guarantee message readership

Tools For Effective Communications In Healthcare

SnapComms unique internal communication tools help overcome communication barriers in healthcare providers and hospitals worldwide.

Mobile phone panic list

Desktop (or mobile) alerts are the ultimate for instant employee attention. High-priority messages are delivered directly to desktop and mobile devices. They display as a pop-up notification or full-screen in the case of an emergency.

Hospital Ticker

Desktop tickers update staff through a moving ribbon of text across the bottom of computer screens. Its concise format is perfect for delivering bite-size chunks of information. High impact but low intrusion, and a discreet channel for public-facing areas.


Clean hands wallpaper

Screensavers offer eye-catching visuals and high repetition to promote hospital values and processes around patient care. Use them to improve staff knowledge and promote correct behavior. They can even include hyperlinks to additional online material.

Hospital newsletter example

A digital newsletter builds positive culture by sharing healthcare success stories and tips. Rich media formats ensure higher engagement. Uniquely branded newsletters can focus on specific areas, for example Compliance or Cyber Security.

hospital survey

Staff surveys capture essential insights, suggestions and frustrations from staff. Responses are simple for staff to make and results easy for administrators to access – providing managers a wealth of useful data.

Hospital rsvp alert message

The RSVP tool improves the effectiveness of training programs. Staff are encouraged to attend and participate, which increases the value of the sessions and improves overall hospital operations.

Discover Our Range Of Tools For Internal Communications

Products Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Build knowledge

Inform staff of facility updates or new processes, and inspire them about patient care promotions, through dynamic screensavers. Gauge current understanding through a staff quiz.

  • Equip staff with helpful information
  • Improve induction of new staff
  • Drive usage of the hospital’s intranet for more details

Improve behavior

Communicate hospital values through billboard-style screensaver messages on computers and digital signage. Use ticker messages to update without disturbing patients.

  • Enhance patient satisfaction
  • Improve HCAHPS scores
  • Enhance operational efficiency

Embed culture change

Use digital newsletters to share positive healthcare stories of commitment and patient impact that inspire staff.

  • Encourage adoption of best practice
  • Improve workplace morale

Enhance training

Use the RSVP tool to improve training effectiveness around updates to computer systems, hospital codes, response processes etc.

  • Drive higher attendance
  • Encourage participation
  • Improve compliance
  • Mitigate risk of following improper processes

Impel action

Use alerts to impel staff to take immediate action or provide important time-sensitive information. For example, to evacuate the building in the event of an emergency or use an alternate system when an IT outage occurs.

  • Reduce time and resource in responding to multiple queries
  • Focus efforts on resolution

Improve outcomes

Publish regular status updates via tickers to keep staff informed. Gather critical information on situations through surveys – both during and after the event.

  • Improve staff and patient safety
  • Reduce potentially-costly confusion
  • Increase collaboration
  • Improve positive outcomes

Results You Can Count On With Snapcomms

Improve knowledge
Staff understanding of processes around patient care are promoted and reinforced, meeting compliance requirements and ensuring behaviors are in line with expectations
Reduce risk
Staff and patient safety is improved through following correct procedures, minimizing the risk of staff absenteeism or costly litigation
Strengthen communication
Staff readership and engagement with important healthcare messages is improved through real-time data-driven insights
Improve morale
Staff turnover drops and job satisfaction increases by improving workplace wellbeing, fostering a positive environment and encouraging staff involvement
Increase productivity
The smooth operation of the hospital is enhanced, providing higher workplace productivity and outputs
Drive performance
Greater customer satisfaction, resulting in better HCAHPS scores and a stronger organizational performance

Features That Deliver More

Create more powerful healthcare communications, develop stronger workplace culture and build higher employee engagement with special features of the SnapComms platform.

  • Targeting allows messages to be delivered specifically to different staff groups or devices to improve readership. Many staff work shifts, operate in different buildings, and have roles based on wards with infrequent access to computers. Targeting increases engagement as messages are sent only to those staff to whom they are relevant.
  • Recurrence settings allow messages to be repeated until staff acknowledge or interact with them. This is especially useful for encouraging high participation with staff surveys or quizzes. Requiring staff to acknowledge readership also helps fulfil compliance requirements.
  • Pre-configure messages by setting them up ahead of time. This helps communicators set up a series of messages more efficiently, rather than individually over a longer time. Notifications may then be sent immediately in an emergency or when information is time-sensitive. Publish and deliver with a single click.
  • Administration settings grant permissions for specified users to create and publish messages from their computer or mobile device. The simple interface means this can be managed by the internal communications team, internal IT staff, HR or marketing department. It’s easy to deploy and update – IT support isn’t essential.

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