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15 Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Program Ideas

Posted 09 July, 2020 in Human Resources Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion drives employee engagement, generate innovative ideas, and improve products, processes, and solutions. So why have organizations been talking about diversity for years with little results to show for it?

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Does Workplace by Facebook live up to the hype?

Posted 17 January, 2017


Workplace by Facebook is the new cool tool for collaboration and communication. But is it really the cure-all for the increasing challenges faced by today’s internal communicators that we’re led to believe?

National Hand Washing Awareness Week

Posted 08 December, 2016

National Hand Washing Awareness Week is upon us (every year it's the second week in December).

This is the perfect opportunity to kick off a campaign to remind your staff of the importance of hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene is a major issue in every organization but has the biggest impact on healthcare, food, and the hospitality sectors. 

Everyone knows they should wash their hands - but do they know the health risks associated with not washing their hands?

Hospitals and Healthcare

9 scary but true corporate security facts [infographic]

Posted 08 April, 2016
Corporate security facts from 2015 that will scare you into re-thinking your corporate security strategy.

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