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All Aboard! Top 5 Onboarding Tips For New Hires

Posted 21 February, 2019 in Human Resources

It’s day one in a new job. Exciting times ahead, right? Perhaps not. A huge 65% of employed people look for new jobs within the first three months of starting a job.

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19 Employee Engagement Ideas for 2019

Posted 07 December, 2018

How to improve employee engagement can be a head-scratcher for HR managers. We know how beneficial it is to productivity and performance - and we know the risks of disengagement. But how to reach employees when everyone's so busy?

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HR Annual Planning Calendar 2019 - Free Download

Posted 30 November, 2018

A new year brings new challenges and new opportunities. Being prepared is the best way to make the most of it. Hit the ground running in 2019 with the SnapComms 2019 Human Resources Calendar - yours free to download.

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Top-To-Toe Tips For Better Workplace Health And Wellbeing

Posted 26 October, 2018

When the sound of a telephone rings out across the workplace first thing in the morning, it’s almost certain to be one thing – a staff member calling in sick.

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7 Secrets for Exceptional Employee Experience

Posted 30 June, 2018

Customer experience is intertwined with employee experience. Richard Branson famously said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

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10 seasonal suggestions to get your team-building pumping

Posted 25 May, 2018

Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, making it the ideal time for a workplace team-building event to get everyone humming.

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How to Maintain a Positive Work/Life Balance

Posted 15 May, 2018

Happy International Day of Families! 

What’s that – you didn’t know this was a day observed on 15th May every year? You’re not alone.

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Reducing Workplace Stress – How to Improve Employee Welfare in Stress Awareness Month

Posted 20 April, 2018

April is international Stress Awareness Month, which represents a perfect time for businesses to consider the issue of stress in their workplace. Is your organization affected by stress-related problems? Are employee welfare and business performance being impacted as a result?

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6 Top Tips to Motivate Generation Z in the Workplace

Posted 29 March, 2018

Generation Z are a whole new group entering the workplace today. They bring both useful skills and jaw-clenching challenges for managers. And they are an entirely different proposition from Gen Y (don’t even think about saying “YOLO” to them!), so it’s easy for employee engagement to occasionally go awry.

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5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Your Office

Posted 20 March, 2018

Enchiladas. Sombreros. Aztec culture. The Mexican Wave.

We’ve a lot to be grateful to Mexico for introducing to the world.

So how better to recognize this, and take the opportunity for some light-hearted employee engagement, than to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in your office?

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