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Best Employee Engagement Apps in 2024 to Unite Your Workforce

Posted 06 May, 2024 in Human Resources Employee Engagement

High levels of employee engagement are a key factor in successful organizations, but why do many workplaces find it so challenging to achieve?

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HR Calendar of Activities 2024

Posted 29 November, 2023

According to a Gallup employee engagement study published in 2023, employee engagement has continued to drop in the U.S., with only 32% of U.S. employees identifying as “engaged”. This is a huge challenge for organizations trying to ensure their employees are engaged not only with their work, but also with their colleagues and work culture.

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How To Use Digital Signage For Internal Communications

Posted 22 March, 2023

In today's ever-evolving work environment, it's important for organizations to stay connected with their employees and ensure effective communication.

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What is Employee Engagement? (Defined with Best Practices)

Posted 16 February, 2023

Improving and maintaining employee engagement efforts is an ongoing challenge for organizations. A ‘one-size fits all’ approach just doesn’t work.

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7 Top Internal Comms and HR Priorities 2023

Posted 31 January, 2023

The new year is a fresh opportunity. A time to build on the progress from last year or improve those areas which need attention.

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20 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas and Activities for 2023

Posted 18 January, 2023

Improving employee engagement is no easy feat. It’s a constant effort to connect with employees as the world and the workplace changes.

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Top 7 Workplace Trends 2023 for HR and Internal Comms

Posted 21 October, 2022

Predicting the future is a risky business these days. After all, who could have predicted how the last few years have played out?

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7 Core Objectives of HR Management With Smart Goal Examples

Posted 13 October, 2022

What’s your focus for Human Resources next year? Employee engagement, workplace morale, recruitment and retention? Whatever it is, setting clear HR objectives will be essential for success.

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The 8 Best Ways to Improve Company Culture (& Why They Work)

Posted 08 September, 2022

Hybrid working and flexible hours have become the new norm for workers. But this increased flexibility has created a problem for HR Managers – how to build company culture when so many staff aren’t around.

Human Resources Culture

Company Core Values - Defined With 5 Inspiring Examples

Posted 24 August, 2022

Do you know the core values of your company? If you asked a new hire, could they tell you? What would a tenured employee say about them?

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