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The 6 Best New Internal Communications Tools For 2020

Posted 15 January, 2020 in Internal Communications

Here’s a new year’s challenge for you. Take your internal communications plan for the year and shake it up a little. You don’t want to just send company messages in the same old ways. And neither do your employees.

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Internal Communications 2019 Year In Review

Posted 11 December, 2019

You’ve probably heard of phonebooth stuffing. It involves as many people as possible cramming themselves into a phone booth – with one of them usually then needing to answer the phone. Strange as it sounds, it was quite a fad for a while.

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Internal Communications Trends 2020

Posted 20 November, 2019

Remember The Jetsons tv show?

Taking flying cars to work; living in floating buildings; having robot housekeepers.

The future seemed so exotic – even if the reality hasn’t quite stacked up yet.

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The Building Blocks of Great Internal Communications

Posted 08 November, 2019

Internal communications is a bit like building a house. There are lots of components to get right. Having a strong foundation is essential. And you definitely don’t want any gaps.

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What Makes The Best Internal Communication Campaigns?

Posted 03 September, 2019

We’re exposed to messages everywhere we go. Whether at home, at work or anywhere in between, a constant stream of information is fed to us. In fact, each person receives about 105,000 words every day. Or put another way, 23 words per second – that’s a lot of information overload.

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Change Fatigue: 7 Strategies To Overcome Employee Resistance

Posted 28 August, 2019

Mergers and acquisitions, integrations, restructures and digital transformations are shaping workplaces across the globe. Change is essential for businesses to thrive and grow. And yet, 70% of change initiatives fail. Of these, nearly 40% are due to employee resistance.

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The Truth Behind Collaboration Tools – It’s Time To Get Real

Posted 21 August, 2019

There’s been a lot of hype around collaboration tools. And like every tool in the internal communicator’s toolkit, they have their place. But something I see too often is an obsession with collaboration tools.

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Neglecting Top-Down Communication Is The Biggest Mistake You’ll Make

Posted 15 August, 2019

We’re working in an age of constant change. Digital transformation, dispersed workforces and declining engagement are defining our business environment. If your leadership comms don’t step up, you’re not going to keep up.

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5 Ways Data Will Improve Internal Communications (+ 1 Way Internal Comms Maximizes Data)

Posted 17 July, 2019

Data analytics and internal communications might seem like strange bedfellows. After all, data scientists are serious and nerdy, while internal communicators are fun-loving and frivolous, right?

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10 Ways To Engage Employees With Year-End Financial Results

Posted 26 June, 2019

The end of the business fiscal year is fast approaching for many organizations. The results of 12 months of effort are revealed. A yardstick is planted for how successful the business has been – and what the future may hold.

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