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How to Create an Inclement Weather Policy and Comms Plan

Posted 01 December, 2022 in Crisis Comms

From a dumping of snow or a sudden flash flood to a powerful hurricane, severe weather events cause major disruptions to organizations and their staff.

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5 Effective Crisis Communication Tips For Multi-Channel Messaging

Posted 06 July, 2022

Every business will face a crisis – yet many are unprepared for the impact. Most find themselves caught out by the speed at which news of a crisis spreads. Nearly 70% of brand crises spread internationally within just 24 hours.

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Crisis Management Plan Template To Keep Your Business Safe

Posted 15 June, 2022

When a crisis strikes, business continuity and lives are at risk. Being prepared greatly increases your chance of survival.

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3 Essential Steps To Protect Hospitals During Inclement Weather

Posted 24 June, 2020

Updated November 24, 2022

The increased frequency of extreme weather events threatens to put further strain on healthcare organizations still recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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