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5 Lessons for Change Management in Healthcare (+ Guide)

Posted 02 February, 2022 in Hospitals and Healthcare

Change is coming to healthcare organizations. But it may not be welcome news to already-overworked staff.

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5 Tactics For Teamwork and Communication in Healthcare

Posted 25 November, 2021

Teams are a critical component of success. From the sports field to corporate boardrooms, effective teams drive greater results.

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Communication for Preventing Burnout in Healthcare Workers

Posted 30 September, 2021

Healthcare faces a crisis. Confronted with the immense ongoing pressures of their job, workers are burning out. Their wellbeing is low and their vulnerability high. Employees are leaving in droves. Employers must introduce change to stop our healthcare heroes from becoming healthcare martyrs.

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How Better Communication In Healthcare Improves Patient Flow (+ guide)

Posted 10 March, 2021

The increase of patients in the health system is putting a considerable amount of pressure on healthcare resources. This leads to overcrowding, increasing the demand for limited resources.

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Improve Workplace Morale and Wellbeing with Healthcare Communication

Posted 15 October, 2020

For any business, workplace morale and employee wellbeing can be the fuel that drives an organization forward or the fire that hinders its success.

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Tips & Templates For The Best Healthcare IT Communication [guide]

Posted 28 August, 2020

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are huge users of IT services. Hundreds of staff rely on thousands of systems to help them deliver the best patient care. Keeping systems up to date, secure and used is a challenge for busy IT teams.

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How To Improve User Adoption Rates For New Healthcare Technology

Posted 14 August, 2020

Healthcare technology is among the most important equipment in a hospital. The introduction of new technology like electronic medical records (EMR) or telemedicine promise to improve the quality and efficiency of services.

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7-Step Plan for Better Cyber Security in Healthcare

Posted 23 July, 2020

Updated March 30, 2022

Cyber security is a billion-dollar threat to healthcare organizations. Whether due to hacking or negligence, a security breach is an IT Manager’s worst nightmare.

Hospitals and Healthcare Cyber Security

Better Healthcare Contact Tracing with Communication Technology

Posted 15 July, 2020

As COVID-19 sweeps the world, healthcare workers continue to provide essential care – but are at high risk. Being exposed to COVID-19 cases threatens workers, patients and entire hospitals with harmful infections.

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3 Essential Steps To Protect Hospitals During Inclement Weather

Posted 24 June, 2020

Updated November 24, 2022

The increased frequency of extreme weather events threatens to put further strain on healthcare organizations still recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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