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HR Calendar of Activities 2024

Posted 29 November, 2023 in Human Resources Strategy

According to a Gallup employee engagement study published in 2023, employee engagement has continued to drop in the U.S., with only 32% of U.S. employees identifying as “engaged”. This is a huge challenge for organizations trying to ensure their employees are engaged not only with their work, but also with their colleagues and work culture.

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How to Win Over Internal Comms Stakeholders and Overcome Objections

Posted 02 March, 2022

Upgrading your internal communications platform can sometimes hit an unexpected roadblock. Objections from other business stakeholders.

Internal Communications Strategy

Building A Winning Internal Communications Business Case

Posted 23 February, 2022

So you need a better internal comms solution? But you don’t know how to get it across the line? No problem, step right this way…

Internal Communications Strategy

How To Tell You Need An Internal Communications Upgrade

Posted 16 February, 2022

Here’s a typical workplace conversation. It may even have come from your organization.

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Human Resource Planning Guide and Templates Every HR Team Needs

Posted 21 October, 2021

Businesses will demand more and more of Human Resources teams this year. It’s a big challenge – and opportunity – for HR Managers.

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How To Improve Internal Communication In 2021 & Beyond

Posted 17 June, 2021

2020 was a massive year for internal communications. Never before have businesses across the world relied so much on the power of communications to keep their staff informed, engaged and inspired – all while a major crisis unfolds around us!

Internal Communications Strategy

10 Questions You Must Ask When Creating An Internal Communication Plan

Posted 21 January, 2021

Picture the scene. An Internal Communications Manager enthusiastically launches a new campaign. She’s excited about it and is confident employees will get behind it.

Internal Communications Strategy

The Business Communications Framework Critical To Your Success (guide)

Posted 19 November, 2020

It’s a time of almost unprecedented change for businesses across the world. The hangover from COVID-19 and the challenges of increasingly competitive marketplaces are putting strains on leaders.

Internal Communications Strategy

Return to Work or Remain at Home? COVID-19 Business Considerations

Posted 26 May, 2020

Is your business struggling with the decision between returning to work or remaining at home after COVID-19? Too many factors to consider and don’t know where to start?

Internal Communications Human Resources Strategy

COVID-19 Return to Work Plan - Business Communication Checklist

Posted 14 May, 2020

Successfully returning to work after the COVID-19 pandemic requires careful balancing of business objectives and employee needs.

Internal Communications IT and Technology Human Resources Strategy