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Helping OrthoTennessee Become a Top Healthcare Workplace

When people with musculoskeletal system injuries in the US Southeast need treatment, they go to OrthoTennessee. There, the best orthopedic physicians are available to provide patients the most up-to-date, extensive care.

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The 123 of Cyber Security for Healthcare Organizations

Posted 29 May, 2018

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are increasingly the targets of cyber security attacks. In the first quarter of 2018, the sector has been hit with 77 breaches, affecting the records of more than one million patients.

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How to Tackle the Gulf of Missed Communications in Hospitals

Posted 27 February, 2018

For too long, internal communications departments have relied on email to connect with staff.

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National Hand Washing Awareness Week

Posted 08 December, 2016

National Hand Washing Awareness Week is upon us (every year it's the second week in December).

This is the perfect opportunity to kick off a campaign to remind your staff of the importance of hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene is a major issue in every organization but has the biggest impact on healthcare, food, and the hospitality sectors. 

Everyone knows they should wash their hands - but do they know the health risks associated with not washing their hands?

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Noise Reduction in Hospitals: A remedy for all ills

Posted 03 November, 2016

Beeping machines, ringing phones, overhead announcements – these are the familiar sounds of a busy hospital.

But excessive noise heavily impacts patient satisfaction scores. In fact, it's the second worst performing area, after communication about medicines, as monitored by Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS)*.

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