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Why Internal Communications Campaigns Fail + What They Need To Succeed

Posted 13 February, 2020 in Internal Communications

There are few things more dispiriting than seeing the internal communications campaign you developed disappear Titanic-like into the depths. Not only is it demoralizing, it’s a waste of hard work and effort – as well as a massive lost opportunity for the business.

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The Truth Behind Collaboration Tools – It’s Time To Get Real

Posted 21 August, 2019

There’s been a lot of hype around collaboration tools. And like every tool in the internal communicator’s toolkit, they have their place. But something I see too often is an obsession with collaboration tools.

Internal Communications

Neglecting Top-Down Communication Is The Biggest Mistake You’ll Make

Posted 15 August, 2019

We’re working in an age of constant change. Digital transformation, dispersed workforces and declining engagement are defining our business environment. If your leadership comms don’t step up, you’re not going to keep up.

Internal Communications Leadership

Why 360-Degree Campaigns Are Essential For Internal Communications

Posted 10 October, 2018

From over 10 years of experience in internal communications, working with lots of different customers and partners, there’s one piece of advice I’d give above all others.

Internal Communications Strategy

7 Obstacles to Employee Engagement - And How To Conquer Them

Posted 06 September, 2017

Why has it become so difficult to get employee attention for important matters? And is this connected to the worrying decline in employee engagement world-wide? Communication experts would argue it’s not for lack of good intentions or effort.

Human Resources Employee Engagement

Ready to Face the Elephant in the Room with Internal Comms?

Posted 29 August, 2017

Are you tired of wasting your time writing content that no one reads? Do you feel that no matter how many times you resend an important 'All Staff' email, you’re still not being heard?

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