8 Essential Business Communication Tools In The Workplace

Posted 01 May, 2019 in Internal Communications

best communication tools in the workplace

Ever tried driving a car without gas? How about cooking without heat? Doesn’t work, right? Without power to fuel them, they’re impossible.

Improving business performance is no different. Today's digital workplaces need the power of internal communications to make it work – and drive results.

But what are the best business communication tools to use? There are lots of options, but these 8 essential communication tools are sure to power your performance in the workplace.

  1. Digital signage
  2. Collaboration tools
  3. Staff alerts
  4. Video
  5. Project management
  6. Gamification
  7. Mobile communication apps
  8. Intranet

These summaries will tell you what each tool is, why you should use it and what it’s best used for. Plus give you some handy examples of using the communication tools in the workplace.

1. Digital signage

What: Information displayed on electronic screens in open work spaces

Why: High visibility, strong visuals, broad reach

Best for: Awareness campaigns, promotional messaging, reaching staff not in desk-based roles

Examples: Latest news headlines, corporate video or TV ad, business performance dashboard

Digital signage displaying wellness wallpaper

2. Collaboration tools

What: Facilitation of team members working together towards a common goal

Why: Two-way instant messaging, team communication, open discussion

Best for: Small project teams, aligning geographically-dispersed employees

Examples: Cross-departmental projects, online development

 collaboration communication tools in the workplace

3. Staff alerts

What: Pop-up notifications delivered full-screen or in discreet message windows

Why: Instant employee attention, unmissable format, authoritative

Best for: High-priority communications, time-sensitive messages, emergency notifications

Examples: IT outages, shooter on site alerts, security warnings, breaking news


4. Video

What: Dynamic visual messaging produced, hosted and distributed online

Why: Attracts interest, conveys emotion, reflects consumer media preferences

Best for: Recording presentations, video conferencing, staff involvement in production

Examples: Company video tour, video alerts, regular CEO vlogs

 Video alerts messages to staff

5. Project management

What: Co-ordination and planning of timing, tasks and dependencies for key communication tasks

Why: Clear holistic oversight, adaptability, ream time management

Best for: Multi-team projects, complex implementations, time-critical projects

Examples: Product launches, intranet redevelopmentcompany re-branding

Workplace employee project management

6. Gamification

What: Interactive tools to educate and motivate through participation and competition

Why: Rich media, fun formats, healthy competition

Best for: Motivated learning, employee recognition, team-building

Examples: Employee quizzes, workplace weight-loss competition

 Staff quiz builds employee engagement

7. Mobile communication apps

What: Access information, perform tasks and stay connected via smartphone portal

Why: Accessibility, flexibility, broad reach – everyone carries their phone everywhere!

Best for: Involving younger staff, reaching field-based staff, social media engagement

Examples: Community support initiatives, staff events, induction program

Internal communication mobile app

8. Intranet

What: Content repository and ‘single source of truth’ for staff information

Why: High credibility, focal point – all roads point to here!

Best for: Online forums, social intranet, information searchability, asset management

Examples: Latest news and events, discussion forums, downloadable marketing material

 Company intranet and ticker

A modern workplace needs modern solutions. These are only the beginning - there are lots more business communication tools available. Whatever your goals, these essential tools will help put the power back into your workplace.

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