Reducing Email Overload

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Email Overload Is A Real Waste Of Time

Corporate emails are yesterday’s news. They’ve become ineffective at engaging staff in today’s workplaces. The world has moved on.

Inboxes grow by the minute as staff are inundated by uninspiring messages, delivered in tired old formats. It’s only natural they have ‘message wear-out’.

The average information worker spends 13 hours per week on email at an average cost of US$21,000 per employee. (Source: IDC)

Emails are too easy to miss for important notifications. They’re too hard to reference for busy staff. Their timing and delivery is too unpredictable for time-sensitive information. They’re too susceptible to breaches for cyber security.

Today, staff demand richer digital content that engages them in a more dynamic, visually-rich way.

Employee survey on desktop

Tools To Manage Email Overload In The Workplace

Email may be simple and relatively inexpensive, but when it comes to engagement it’s time to look at new tools and strategies. Meet the platform that’s revolutionizing internal comms: SnapComms.
alert on tablet
Desktop Alerts offer fast, effective cut-through for important or time-sensitive messages staff can’t afford to miss. Video messages on the latest news releases reach every employee with Video Alerts.
survey on mobile
Employee surveys and employee quiz tools bypass email to achieve high participation and response rates. These low-intrusion formats encourage two-way communication and foster positive employee relations.
screensaver on laptop

Screensavers drive staff awareness by communicating visually without interrupting or adding to information overload. For example, sustainability messages, security policies, news and events, brand messages and more.


mobile newsletter
Digital internal newsletters consolidate various news snippets and content formats into a single dynamic newsletter. Videos, tickers and other rich media increase visual appeal, while hyperlinks drive use of your intranet.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Build knowledge

Embed hyperlinks into Screensaver messages to encourage employees to find further information or supporting documents on the intranet.

  • Increase intranet usage

Guarantee readership

Deliver important updates by Alert so that staff don’t miss out by emails being auto-filtered into sub-folders or rapidly vanishing amidst their inbox.

  • Better control over timing and delivery
  • Greater assurance of staff understanding

Promote activities

Achieve widespread staff awareness and buy-in of promotional campaigns or new initiatives through eye-catching Screensavers and dedicated digital newsletters.

  • Foster positive word-of-mouth

Improve participation

Survey staff to get feedback on the types of information relevant to them. Use polls to benchmark and set standards around relevance and clarity of messages.

  • Produce higher-value material
  • Lift engagement rates

Reduce server loads

Thousands of emails delivered every day place pressures on IT servers – simple, effective formats like Alerts reduce this impact.

  • Improve load times
  • Minimize associated cost

Results That Reward Your Efforts

Improve productivity
Operational efficiency is heightened by reducing constant email disruption and saving time searching for misplaced emails
Increase engagement
The greater involvement of staff translates into more widespread buy-in and reduced potential for conflict
Reduce risk
Using more robust, secure communication formats improves cyber security and minimizes the risk of costly breaches
Enhance reputation
Internal Communications is increasingly seen as a high-performing discipline that delivers real value to the organization
Drive performance
Business results improve through campaign-style communications that deliver better message reinforcement and less wasted time
Boost communication
Tracking readership and engagement helps identify which messages are most effective and where any communication gaps exist

Features With SnapComms That Give You More

Unlike email, the SnapComms platform includes a host of features to make management easier and improve performance – while making you look like a comms superstar!

  • Research your audience, segment them by needs and interests, and targeting settings to communicate relevant messages to specific employee groups.
  • Schedule messages for delivery at specific days and times, saving time later, removing any potential for neglecting follow-ups, and improving consistency of tone and style.
  • Recurrence and escalation options can be used to ensure 100% readership of key messages or to drive 100% participation in staff surveys or quizzes.
  • Real time tracking provides insights which allow you to refine and improve your internal communications without resorting to email-like ‘send and hope’ tactics.

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