Ideas for Employee Newsletter Names

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Internal newsletters are great for keeping employees informed with company news. When they are sent consistently and are filled with quality content like videos, stories, polls, etc, employees will look forward to reading them.

The name of your employee newsletter sets the tone of your publication. Choose carefully as it will be referenced far and wide within your organization. 

Below are some suggestions to suit different industries and objectives. You may also like to run an internal competition and invite suggestions from the wider organisation.

Newsletter Names - By Angle

Information Driven
• Just the Facts
• The Advisor
• The Dispatch
• The Bulletin
• The Communique
• The Final Word
Informal and Employee-driven
• Our Voices
• Hands Up
• All Hands
• In Touch, In Tune
• The Information X Change
• The ___ Company Family Album
Business Goals
• On Target
• The People’s Press
• The Right Direction
• The Beacon
• The Forum
• The Lineup
• The Steering Wheel
• Roadmap to Success

By Frequency

• The Morning Report
• The Daily Bulletin
• The Daily Dispatch
• The Monday Morning Quarterback
• The Week Ahead
• The Friday Extra
• The Weekly Wrap
• The Quarterly Advisor
• The Monthly Monitor

By Industry

• Rebels with a Clause
• The Monthly Ride
• The Write Up
Financial Services
• The Banker’s Note
• The General Ledger
• In the Black
• The Bottom Line
• Highlights
• Short Cuts
• The Daily Diva
• The Glam-o-Gram
• Under the Microscope
• The Lifeline
• The Heartbeat
• Doctor’s Orders
Information Technology (IT/ICT)
• Bits and Bytes
• Connections
• Tech Talk
• The Daily Download
• The Grapevine
• Fresh Ideas
• The Front Burner
• The Juice
• The Daily Bread
• Just Desserts
• In Tune
• The Key Note
• The Beat
• The Rap Up
• The Right Note
• In Concert
• News Flash
• The Beat
• The Broadcast
• The Lead
• Between the Lines
• The Cable
• This Just In…
• The 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
Frontline & Retail
• The Counter
• The Fitting Room
• Checkout News
An employee newsletter name that reflects the business, industry, and goals of the organisation can be highly appropriate.
The sky is the limit when it comes to newsletter titles.
A well-named newsletter can improve the performance of your internal communications.
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