10 Questions You Must Ask When Creating An Internal Communication Plan

Posted 21 January, 2021 in Internal Communications


Picture the scene. An Internal Communications Manager enthusiastically launches a new campaign. She’s excited about it and is confident employees will get behind it.

But the response is muted. Many employees don’t engage; those who do aren’t as positive as expected. How to react? Can the situation be turned around?

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” It’s more relevant today than ever. But even the most well-intentioned plan can ultimately be unsuccessful if certain fundamental questions aren’t considered.

What Is An Internal Communication Plan And How Do You Develop One?

An internal communication plan defines the specific activities required to achieve a business goal. Successful internal communication planning drives informed, engaged, and motivated employees.

Creating a comprehensive internal communication plan is an exciting exercise, though can feel overwhelming at the start. A lot of your time and creativity will be invested. Having an understanding of the core issues your plan must address will ensure none of your hard work is wasted – and that the results are spectacular.

Issues like:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What response do I want from staff?
  • How can I best reach staff with my messages?
  • How will I overcome obstacles?
  • How will I track and report on results?

What's The Difference Between A Communication Plan And Strategy?

An internal communication strategy defines overarching business goals in communicating with employees. It is a high-level overview that sets direction and tone, involving the input of senior management.

Internal communication plans have a clearly defined timeframe, detailing the activities and outputs necessary to achieve specific goals.

Creating Your Internal Communication Plan

internal communications 10 questions guideTo help chart your course to internal communications success, we've collated the 10 most essential questions your plan needs to address. Make sure you've answered these before creating your next internal communication plan.

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