60+ Employee Newsletter Name Ideas For Any Industry or Objectives

Posted 11 March, 2022 in Internal Communications, Human Resources

Corporate newsletter names ideas

Employee newsletters are great for keeping employees informed of company news, improving productivity, and lifting morale.

When newsletters are sent on a regular cadence, employees will look forward to reading them. Especially when they are targeted and filled with quality content like videos, stories, and polls.

The name of your employee newsletter sets the tone of your publication. Choose carefully as it will be referenced far and wide within your organization. You want to create a memorable and catchy name for your readers.

You may like to run an internal survey and invite suggestions from the wider organization.

You might want to have a variety of newsletters relevant to different internal departments and roles.

Here are some suggestions to suit different industries, objectives, and departments.

Table of contents:

  1. Business Newsletter Names

  2. Newsletter Names by Frequency

  3. Newsletter Names by Objectives

  4. Industry Newsletter Names

Business Newsletter Names

General Business Goals

  1. On Target

  2. The People’s Press

  3. The Right Direction

  4. The Beacon

  5. The Forum

  6. The Lineup

  7. The Steering Wheel

  8. Roadmap to Success

You may also like to use alliteration to come up with a newsletter name that plays on your business name. For example, The SnapComms SnapShot or The SnapComms Strategy.

Informative Updates

  1. Just the Facts

  2. The Advisor

  3. The Dispatch

  4. The Bulletin

  5. The Communique

  6. The Final Word

  7. From the Top

  8. In Touch, In Tune


Newsletter Names By Frequency

Daily Newsletter

  1. The Morning Report

  2. The Daily Bulletin

  3. The Daily Dispatch

  4. Coffee Catch Up

  5. Daily Pulse

  6. The Water Cooler

Weekly Newsletter

  1. The Week Ahead

  2. The Monday Morning Quarterback

  3. The Friday Extra

  4. That's a Wrap

Monthly Newsletter

  1. The Quarterly Advisor

  2. The Monthly Monitor

  3. Looking Ahead

  4. The Recap

  5. The Monthly Ride


HR planning calendar


Newsletters by Objectives

Skills and knowledge building

  1. Tech Tips

  2. Tech Talks

  3. Cyber News

  4. Study Hour

  5. Level Up

Employee Engagement and Acknowledgment

  1. Our Voices

  2. Hands Up

  3. The Hall of Fame

  4. [Company Name] Champions

  5. Uplift


Industry Newsletter Names


  1. Rebels with a Clause

  2. The Write Up

  3. Total Cover

  4. The Summary

Financial Services

  1. The Banker’s Note

  2. The General Ledger

  3. In the Black

  4. The Bottom Line

Hospital and Healthcare

  1. Under the Microscope

  2. The Lifeline

  3. The Heartbeat

  4. Doctor’s Orders

  5. On the Pulse

Human Resources

  1. Our People

  2. The Culture

  3. HR Weekly

  4. The HR Report

Information Technology

  1. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read - summarized important information)

  2. Bits and Bytes

  3. Connections

  4. The Daily Download

Call Center

  1. Dialed In

  2. Between the Lines

  3. The Memo

Frontline and Retail

  1. The Counter

  2. The Fitting Room

  3. Checkout News


An employee newsletter name that reflects the business, industry, and goals of the organization can be highly effective.

The sky is the limit when it comes to newsletter titles. Think big. Think creative.

A well-named newsletter can improve the performance of your internal communications.

You can easily build internal newsletters with SnapComms software that includes photos, videos, links to the intranet, and much more.

Now that you have a newsletter name ready, discover engaging newsletter content ideas.


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