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13 Effective Employee Wellness Ideas to Try Today

Posted 12 March, 2019 in Human Resources Health and Wellness

Kick start your employee wellness plan with these 13 ideas!

Anytime is the perfect time to run with employee wellness program ideas.

Try implementing a new program at the start of a new season or a new month.

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How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Work: Office Ideas For Employees

Posted 01 March, 2019

Updated March 3, 2022

There’s something about St. Patrick’s Day that brings out the light-hearted side in all of us.

Human Resources Events

How to Tackle the Gulf of Missed Communications in Hospitals

Posted 27 February, 2018

For too long, internal communications departments have relied on email to connect with staff.

Hospitals and Healthcare

12 Tips For Improving Line Manager Communication

Posted 26 January, 2018

A day in the life of a line manager comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Internal Communications Leadership

How to Avoid an I.T. Help Desk Meltdown

Posted 02 November, 2017

The risk of an unexpected IT event is always present. A network outage, cyber-attack or unscheduled downtime can strike at any time, to any size organization.

IT and Technology

Communicating Employee Rights During Inclement Weather

Posted 06 October, 2017

From a dumping of snow, a sudden flash flood, or a powerful hurricane, severe weather events cause major disruptions to organizations and their staff. 

Internal Communications Crisis Comms

6 Tips for Developing Internal Brand Engagement

Posted 23 November, 2016

We’re all suckers for cool brands. Perhaps that’s because we hope some of their coolness might rub off..

But if your organization hasn’t yet made it on to the shortlist of the world’s best brands – think Amazon, Apple & Google - fear not.

Global Top Brands 2019

The good news is there are lots of ways to get employees to back your brand, authentically and enthusiastically – and you don’t have to be hipster!  

Internal Communications

Noise Reduction in Hospitals: A remedy for all ills

Posted 03 November, 2016

Beeping machines, ringing phones, overhead announcements – these are the familiar sounds of a busy hospital.

But excessive noise heavily impacts patient satisfaction scores. In fact, it's the second worst performing area, after communication about medicines, as monitored by Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS)*.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Do’s and Don’ts of communicating in uncertain times

Posted 02 August, 2016

One month on and the Brits are still grappling with the shock result of their Brexit referendum. Three thousand miles away, and the Americans are in the midst of what has to be the most spectacular election campaign in living memory. 

Only time will tell if this is the start of a better future. But right now, there’s a job to be done to reassure, unite and guide employees through this ambiguous time.
Uncertainty gives folk the jitters. Employees feel vulnerable, confused, and look for direction. Ironically, this presents a golden opportunity for business leaders to drive unity and demonstrate leadership skills. But, how?

Internal Communications