How to Avoid an I.T. Help Desk Meltdown

Posted 02 November, 2017 in IT and Technology


The risk of an unexpected IT event is always present. A network outage, cyber-attack or unscheduled downtime can strike at any time, to any size organization.

When it does, all eyes immediately turn to the IT team. Every employee is after a quick resolution.

As each second ticks by, productivity drops while stress levels rocket.  

For the IT team, it’s catch-22.

They need a clear run to solve the issue, free from interruption. But the reality is just about everyone in the organization is logging tickets and phoning the IT helpdesk, searching for answers.

So what can be done to lessen this burden?

How can the IT department be more proactive and timely with their messaging – and at the same time, preserve their reputation internally?

The Interstate Blood Bank IT team devised an effective strategy for solving this scenario. IT Director Lenny Goodman has implemented a new comms approach which sidesteps email completely – a useful benefit particularly if email is the very thing that is out-of-action!

Goodman and his team wanted to improve lines of communication with all 1,400 staff, at more than 30 locations, with pre-emptive cut-through communications.

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