10 Internal Communication Templates Your Business Needs to Have

Posted 06 October, 2020 in Internal Communications, Human Resources

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In today’s fast-paced workplaces, businesses need to get messages out to staff quickly and effectively every time. It could be critical information staff need to see now, or valuable content to streamline processes or improve employee engagement.

But COVID-19 has made this harder. Business operations are constantly changing; employees are working remotely. Communicators need every edge to get their messages seen, read and understood.

If your communications have been struggling lately, there is a solution. Message templates with ready-to-use content in a range of dynamic formats, all wrapped in striking designs that attract employee attention.

From celebrations to safety and culture to compliance, there are message templates available for all your communication goals right now.


Internal comms strategy templates

Internal Communication Templates

The goal for Internal Communication Managers is maintaining a consistent flow of timely, relevant and effective messaging. Templates can help – especially when there’s high demand for different types of messages from many different teams. Here are some example templates:

1. CEO Video Message

Regular leadership updates are highly-valued by staff. It’s especially true in today’s fast-changing, COVID-affected workplaces. Studies prove employees believe it critically important for CEOs to communicate in challenging times.

Video is a powerful and versatile tool for this. Leadership messages, Q&As and CEO updates can all be shared through video messages, adding a personal touch that provides staff with welcome sincerity and reassurance.

2. Emergency Alert

When an emergency strikes in the workplace, the safety of employees is put at risk. In times like this, every second counts – there isn’t time to waste creating emergency notifications from scratch.

These alerts are delivered full-screen on employee devices and can include a prominent call to action. This guarantees they won’t be missed – and that staff are kept safe. Flexibility of formats means these templates can easily be adapted for any potential emergency, such as fire, extreme weather, active shooter or any other high-risk event.

3. Compliance

Getting employees to acknowledge they’ve read, understood and will comply with company policies is an important safeguard for employers. It provides assurance that processes will be followed and protects against the repercussions of non-compliance.

This compliance template uses an on-screen pop-up notification and can include a mandatory button that employees must click – useful for important process and policy updates from any department in the organization.

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HR Templates

Human Resources Managers wear many hats. They’re focused on protecting workplace safety, building a positive culture and sustaining an engaged, productive workforce. Templates can come to the rescue here too, providing vibrant, animated messages – without all the hard work. Try these template examples:

1. New Employee

The arrival of new hires is a cause for celebration – but can often get overlooked. When 65% of employees look for new jobs within the first three months of starting a job, effective onboarding is essential.

Announce the arrival of new hires and get everyone excited to meet them with a quirky, animated message like this one. This template pops-up in the corner of employee screens to get their attention, and the stylish modern design encourages them to click it to read more.

2. People Newsletter

Digital internal newsletters offer limitless opportunities for businesses, and are an ideal replacement for dull, outdated internal email templates. Rich multimedia formats of digital newsletters can include video, slideshows, images, scrolling newsfeeds, webpages and more.

Employee newsletter templates like this one can be used to spotlight new projects, celebrate achievements, share team updates or keep everyone focused on company objectives.

3. Hand Hygiene

Handwashing is essential for good health – it’s a fact. Encouraging employees to do this helps improve workplace health and safety, which is where reminder messages are hugely effective.

Your employees’ computer screensavers are an untapped tool for promoting company messages. This highly-visual template reminds staff to wash their hands well and often – and because employees see it several times throughout the day, they take notice quicker and remember it longer.

There are more communication templates where these came from!

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