How To Create Internal Communications Staff Want To Read (infographic)

Posted 10 June, 2020 in Internal Communications

employee cognition

Imagine 100% of your internal communications being read by 100% of your staff. Sound incredible? It isn’t – it’s about building better messages.

You’ve heard the old saying, Half of all advertising is wasted – we just don’t know which half (paraphrasing US retail pioneer John Wanamaker). It’s equally true of internal communications.

An estimated half of all internal communications aren’t read. And that’s a worry. The neglected half represents missed opportunities and potential risk.

Too many messages aren’t getting through. Staff use attention management to instantly assess messages for interest and relevance. If they fail, they’re forgotten.

Successful internal communications means understanding how people process information. The trick is to get into their heads – understand what makes them tick. Then you can create messages that staff actually want to read.

Discover how to create effective messages to employees with the tips and statistics in this infographic:

Employee Cognition Infographic

Download our infographic to find out how employees consume information, what it means for internal communications, and how you can use it to achieve 100% readership in your workplace.

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