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Posted 09 December, 2020 in Human Resources, Product Insights

With more and more employees working from home or in different environments due to COVID-19, it’s harder for managers to keep in contact with them.

Ensuring that communications are being read and that your company culture and values are still relevant is increasingly challenging. The lack of office culture and in-person interaction between employees mean that other avenues are needed to maintain connections.

With mobile phones being the most-used device after your employees’ desktops, mobile apps are an efficient way to keep your employees informed and engaged with your company news and updates.

The SnapComms Mobile App transforms the messages you create into scannable and on-brand content delivered directly to your employees’ devices.

Mobile First

Mobile users check their phones 110 times a day. Their devices are never more than an arm’s length away from them. Connecting with your employees via mobile app is the new conduit for improving your business outcomes, according to research by Staffbase and Harvard Business review.

The research shows a 25% - 65% decrease in employee turnover with effective use of an employee communications app, as well as other benefits like a 22% increase in profit and 48% fewer safety incidents.

Image source: Harvard Business Review


Your employees may not be in front of their desktops all the time, due to the distractions faced whilst working from home. Mobile apps can keep them updated with events such as protests, severe weather, virus outbreaks or other critical events that may affect them.

Managers can also send employee surveys directly to their devices to check on their safety, how they’re feeling or ascertain if they’re well enough to come to work.


Stay Connected While Working From Home

Employees may have been working from home for months and are getting accustomed to their new environment, but they may still feel disconnected. Lack of community and a buzzing office atmosphere, with only a computer screen or mobile phone as the connection to their workplace, can lead to employees feeling unmotivated.

Using the Mobile App to deliver messages of encouragement and company news can help bridge the gap between home and central offices. Your employees can easily access company news wherever and whenever and be alerted of critical information that may have been missed.



Likes and Stories

The SnapComms Mobile App gives users a social media-like experience with a newsfeed that lets them scroll and view stories, plus ‘like’ the ones that interest them. It’s a great way to let your employees discover what’s new within your organization and for them to interact with your communications by scrolling through messages they may have missed or want to check again.

While creating your own employee mobile app can be costly, confusing and time-consuming, the SnapComms Mobile App is ready to go and able to deliver highly effective communications, including surveys to help you connect and understand your employees’ needs better.


How to Download the Mobile App

There are several ways to download the SnapComms Mobile App. If you’re a SnapComms Inform or Engage customer, simply go to the App Management field in the Content Manager and select the Mac & Mobile Settings tab. Here you can access the download instructions brochure or use the downloadable link to distribute to your employees via the SnapComms Content Manager.

If you’re not a SnapComms customer yet, contact us now to learn more about the SnapComms App and our Inform or Engage package.

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