Internal Communications Campaign tool

Adaptive drip marketing software for internal communicators

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A “Campaign” - a bundle of messages around the same topic - usually containing content relating to driving behavior change.

“Nurture items” - deliver education and awareness messages as drip content.

“Validation Item” - An optional “Validation Item” requires the employee to comply, acknowledge or validate understanding.

 Internal communications delivered as a campaign

 Repeat, Repeat, Repeat - It is well known that it takes several repetitions for important messages to be noticed and even longer to influence behavior change. B2C marketing channels have been using drip campaigns for years. The SnapComms campaign tool allows internal communications campaigns to be delivered, tracked, adapted (based on individual responses) and measured over time.


Modern marketing techniques inside the enterprise - SnapComms is Internal communications software that delivers your content outside of email in various engaging ways. It allows you to utilise modern campaign marketing techniques for internal behavior change initiatives.


The internal communication campaign tool allows you to:

  • Drive behaviour change via ongoing drip communications campaigns.

  • Guarantee delivery, readership and measurability.

  • Segment and target employee audiences. with adaptive internal communications content.

  • Cut-through workplace noise. Ensure important messages get noticed by employees.

  • Deliver campaign content to work computers and/or mobile devices. Including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Citrix.

  • Deliver validation items - Ensure that each employee acknowledges understanding and acceptance of important compliance, ethics and policy communications.

The SnapComms Campaign tool 

An Internal Communications Campaign can include:


  • Desktop Alerts 
    - Generally intrusive messages containing mission critical communication.

  • Staff Quiz
    - Testing and reinforcing knowledge.

  • Desktop Newstickers 
    - Headline news tickers without disrupting work

  • Staff Survey 
    - Gathering feedback and measuring attitudes and impact.

  • Reporting 
    For compliance related issues, compliance status of the targeted employees is available real-time.

  • RSVPs
    - Face-to-face event invitations with surveys and Outlook Integration.

  • Digital Signs 
    - Publish visual content to digital signs. 

  • Video Alerts 
    - Video content delivered directly to employee devices.

  • SMS
    - Publish to SMS messaging.

  • Corporate Desktop Wallpaper  
    - Like a road side billboard that employees pass reguarly

  • Delivery to Email 
    - If you really must...

  • Interactive Screensaver billboards
    - Non intrusive reminders or information during idle time.

  • API 
    - Integration with other systems. 



Example Internal Communications Campaign

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Preconfigured campaign options:

A Internal Communications Campaign consist of a set of messages. Typically one validation item (usually towards the end of the campaign) supported by numerous ‘nurture’ items.


4 Preconfigured campaign types based on certain scenarios:

    • Compulsory Comply - reader has no option but to agree / comply / acknowledge.

    • Validation - validate the reader’s knowledge and obtain commitment.

    • Nurture only - educational / informational drip communications content.

    • Option to Comply - reader can choose not to comply.



  • For Internal Communication users:

  • Drive behavior change over time and measure impact 

  • Repeat and reuse standard communication campaigns over time

  • Influence culture change


  • For IT users:

  • Deliver and repeat security awareness campaigns and measure their impact.

  • For Compliance Officers:

  • Educate employees on policy 

  • Create a culture of compliance

  • Educate and influence compliance and ethical behavior


  • For Internal Marketing:

  • Internal product launch campaigns including education and knowledge testing