How SnapComms Supports HR and Internal Comms During COVID-19

Posted 09 April, 2020 in Internal Communications, IT and Technology, Human Resources

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Like many internal communications professionals and HR Managers across the world, you’re probably still reeling from just how much has changed recently – in the world and at work.

The way we work – and where we work – have changed dramatically. New modes of working are likely to continue for some time. For some employees this transition has been relatively seamless, but for others it’s been a time of uncertainty and feeling unsettled.

Employers too are getting to grips with how to manage staff, co-ordinate efforts and maintain business success in a fast-evolving environment.

But you don’t need to struggle alone. SnapComms is a unique solution to help managers like you navigate these turbulent times. It’s a platform that delivers the internal communication and employee engagement you need.

Here’s some examples of how SnapComms can work for your communications during COVID-19 – and some free content you can download and use right now.


HR Strategy templates


1. Maintaining motivation and productivity

Unfamiliar working conditions and changes to business operations is unsettling for employees. This can result in lower motivation, output and quality of work. The challenge for employers is not just to keep staff productive, but also to encourage them to stay focused.

SnapComms supports employee productivity by providing channels through which managers can keep their teams on track and inspire their performance.

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Download this: Working from home tips infographic by clicking on the image below

work from home tips

2. Supporting employee wellbeing and mental health

Working from home and practicing social isolation can breed negative habits. Employees find themselves spending high screen time, taking fewer breaks, and neglecting exercise and nutrition. Left unresolved, this can seriously affect both physical wellness and psychological health.

Visual channels that promote essential behavioral messages is an area SnapComms excels in. SnapComms customers are able to take advantage of a range of ready-to-use message templates, in a variety of channels from informative to engaging.

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Download this: Health and wellbeing tips infographic by clicking on the image below

Health and wellbeing tips

3. Improving employer to employee communications

Keeping lines of communication open is more important than ever. In the absence of face-to-face discussions and informal chats around the coffee machine, employees can quickly feel out of the loop. Regular communication from management is critical to foster transparency and build trust.

SnapComms leads the way in employer-to-employee messaging. Whether must-see announcements, CEO video updates or latest business status, our leadership communications messaging gets the word out to 100% of your workforce, 100% of the time.

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Download this: Policy update wallpaper by clicking on the image below

Policy update wallpaper

4. Reducing employee uncertainty

Managers and HR teams will have received a huge increase in employee questions concerning the state of the business and how it affects their role. After all, it’s only natural they’re feeling unsettled. While regular leadership updates are part of the solution, reaching out to staff can also be effective in resolving (or at least minimizing) employee concerns.

Staff surveys are an excellent way to capture valuable information on how staff are feeling or what they need – as well as demonstrate employer concern for staff wellbeing. SnapComms have pre-configured surveys ready to use immediately – just click and go, or customize as required.

5. Promoting cyber-security and IT services

IT teams are also finding themselves in the spotlight during these times of COVID-19. Service desks are inundated with staff questions around connectivity and working from home, plus demands for system access and equipment. At the same time, remote working employees are at greater risk of cyber-security breaches.

SnapComms supports IT Managers by providing tools to keep staff updated and front-foot their requests. High-impact, color-coded notifications reduce disruption caused by system outages. Staff surveys help IT teams take the initiative by finding out what staff need ahead of time, reducing pressure later.

Work from home survey

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Download this: Cyber-security tips infographic by clicking on the image below

cyber security tips

6. Having fun

Cultivating a sense of fun in the workplace is essential. It’s known to improve staff morale, increase employee engagement and minimize those negative feelings arising from COVID-19 changes. Having fun is also an essential ingredient in fostering strong, collaborative teams – even virtual ones.

Visual channels like the SnapComms Screensaver and Wallpaper are ideal for sharing light-hearted messages or recognizing achievement by employees or teams.

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COVID-19 has forced a lot of change on businesses and placed a lot of pressure on staff. SnapComms is committed to helping businesses survive – and thrive – during these times by making employee communication and engagement easier and more effective.

The best way to see what SnapComms can do for you, and to get access to all the message templates shown above, is to see it for yourself with a free 30-day trial.

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