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Ideas For Employee Newsletter Names


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What’s in a Employee Newsletter Name? EVERYTHING!

Creating a Thoughtful and Compelling Name for Your Employee Newsletter Can Be the First Step to its Success.




Congratulations! You’ve made the decision and the commitment to start creating a regular employee newsletter. Now, what are you going to call it?

Holding a contest to come up with the best employee newsletter name is always a popular option. After all,it’s an extremely effective way to generate interest, enthusiasm, and water cooler buzz, especially if special recognition and a coveted prize are part of winning.

But whether you have a contest or develop the name yourself, the name of your employee newsletter sets the entire tone of the communication’s intent, so there are several key factors to keep in mind:

What’s Your Angle?

Do you want your employee newsletter to be strictly information-driven? If the content is going to be business or industry-driven, a more serious newsletter name may be most appropriate in order to convey its seriousness:

• Just the Facts
• The Advisor
• The Dispatch
• The Bulletin
• The Communique
• The Final Word

Will the content be more informal and employee-driven? Perhaps you want employees to contribute articles or want to recognize their professional, as well as personal achievements. Consider names like:

• Our Voices
• Hands Up
• All Hands
• In Touch, In Tune
• The Information X Change
• The ___ Company Family Album


A newsletter can be focused on its objective


An internal newsletter name can provide clarity on its purpose

Are you trying to reinforce certain behaviors and attitudes in the workplace or get everyone working toward the same business goals?

You might consider employee newsletter names such as:

• On Target
• The People’s Press
• The Right Direction
• The Beacon
• The Forum
• The Lineup
• The Steering Wheel
• Roadmap to Success

What’s Your Industry?

Sometimes, it makes the most sense to create an employee newsletter name that plays on the business or industry you’re in. The ideas are virtually endless, for example:


• Rebels with a Clause
• The Monthly Rider

Financial Services

• The Banker’s Note
• The General Ledger
• In the Black
• The Bottom Line


• Highlights
• Short Cuts
• The Daily Diva
• The Glam-o-Gram


• Under the Microscope
• The Lifeline
• The Heartbeat
• Doctor’s Orders


• News Flash
• The Beat
• The Broadcast
• The Lead
• Between the Lines
• The Cable
• This Just In…
• The 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why)

Information Technology

• Bits and Bytes
• Connections
• Tech Talk
• The Daily Download


• The Grapevine
• Fresh Ideas
• The Front Burner
• The Juice
• The Daily Bread
• Just Desserts


• In Tune
• The Key Note
• The Beat
• The Rap Up
• The Right Note
• In Concert


An employee newsletter name can be a play on the industry sector


Is it Frequency Driven?


Employee newsletters can be named to reflect the frequency of publication

The frequency of your publication may help you determine an appropriate employee newsletter name, such as:

• The Quarterly Advisor
• The Monday Morning Quarterback
• The Daily Dispatch
• The Week Ahead
• The Monthly Monitor
• The Friday Extra
• The Morning Report

From serious to fun, formal to informal, there are virtually thousands of options to consider when creating an employee newsletter name. Take the time to be creative – develop your angle, your content, and define your audience and your overall intent. Draft ideas on the sections you want to include and how you envision the newsletter, as this may help you come up with the most appropriate name.

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