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10 Best Employee Communication Apps for 2022

One of the key business priorities for 2022 is rebuilding employee experience and engagement. Lack of engagement at work is costing companies an average of over $3 million every year.

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8 Top Internal Communication Trends 2022

Posted 07 December, 2021

Predicting the future in a world so unpredictable is a bit of a gamble. At the end of 2020, who’d have expected that 2021 would be so similar – or in some ways, more demanding.

Internal Communications Trends

10 Internal Marketing Ideas For Better Employee Advocacy

Posted 30 November, 2021

Sir Richard Branson, founder of The Virgin Group, famously said, "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

Internal Communications Human Resources

5 Tactics For Teamwork and Communication in Healthcare

Posted 25 November, 2021

Teams are a critical component of success. From the sports field to corporate boardrooms, effective teams drive greater results.

Hospitals and Healthcare

How To Communicate Employee Benefits (And Why It’s Essential)

Posted 19 November, 2021

How does a full year of paid leave for new parents sound? Or four-week sabbaticals to “pursue creative talents”? How about fertility assistance and egg freezing for would-be parents? Or even paying for gender reassignment surgery?

Human Resources

Top Six Remote And Office Thanksgiving Team-Building Activities

Posted 11 November, 2021

When there’s so much going on in our lives it’s easy to forget how grateful we are for what we have. We’re busy building our careers, nurturing relationships, bringing up children, and pursuing our hobbies.

Internal Communications Events

Human Resource Planning Guide and Templates Every HR Team Needs

Posted 21 October, 2021

Businesses will demand more and more of Human Resources teams this year. It’s a big challenge – and opportunity – for HR Managers.

Human Resources Strategy

4 Cyber Security Notification Templates (+ guide)

Posted 12 October, 2021

Technology and employees have much in common when it comes to cyber security. Kept updated they provide powerful protection. Left neglected or out of date, they put organizations at risk.

Cyber Security

Communication for Preventing Burnout in Healthcare Workers

Posted 30 September, 2021

Healthcare faces a crisis. Confronted with the immense ongoing pressures of their job, workers are burning out. Their wellbeing is low and their vulnerability high. Employees are leaving in droves. Employers must introduce change to stop our healthcare heroes from becoming healthcare martyrs.

Hospitals and Healthcare Health and Wellness

The Employee Pyramid of Needs for EX

Posted 17 September, 2021

Disengaged workers are leaving their jobs faster than ever, and engagement, not pay or perks, is the main reason why. Employee engagement is tougher than ever for businesses, according to the Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2021 Report.

Human Resources Employee Experience