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4 Tips for Improving Management Information Cascade

Posted 05 March, 2019 in Internal Communications

Staff would rather communicate with their immediate supervisor than any other level of management.

This is particularly true during uncertain times.

Staff may start to distrust the ‘corporate mouthpieces’ such as the intranet, and turn to their managers for interpretation.

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How SnapComms Channels Support IT System Implementation

Posted 26 February, 2019

Effective internal communication is central to acceptance, user adoption and effective usage of any new systems introduced by IT teams.

But changing how staff work takes effort. They need to be informed of the value of the technology and engaged with it in order for them to use it effectively.

IT & Information Security

All Aboard! Top 5 Onboarding Tips For New Hires

Posted 21 February, 2019

It’s day one in a new job. Exciting times ahead, right? Perhaps not. A huge 65% of employed people look for new jobs within the first three months of starting a job.

Human Resources

Are You Making These Cyber Security Mistakes?

Posted 12 February, 2019

Picture this. You’re sitting at your desk, working diligently. Your phone is nearby, so you pick it up quickly, just to check if there are any new messages. In the short time it takes you to do this, a cyber-attack has occurred somewhere in the world.

IT & Information Security

How To Make Boring Internal Comms Topics Fun!

Posted 02 February, 2019

Gone are the days when internal communications were an afterthought, comprising a quick email sent to all staff - job done. Nowadays, internal communications are regarded as a critical function. There’s a wider appreciation about its impact, and a deeper understanding of what does and doesn’t work.

Internal Communications

Top 3 Approaches to Make Your Communication Even More Strategic

Posted 29 January, 2019

An exclusive guest article by leadership and communication specialist David Grossman, founder and CEO of renowned consultancy The Grossman Group.

Tactics.  We love ‘em.  Many of us can’t get enough of them.

It’s often what we gravitate to because it’s what we know how to do really well.  We can execute like nobody’s business!

Internal Communications

The ABC Of How To Move Office

Posted 23 January, 2019

Moving office is one of the biggest projects a business can undertake. Even when the perfect new premises have been found, there are still staff, infrastructure, technology, governance and tons of other things to arrange.

Internal Communications

5 New Year Resolutions For Internal Communications

Posted 09 January, 2019

So how did 2018 work out for you? Did you smash all your goals? Did you get that tricky project completed – and on time, no less? Have you grown as an internal communicator?

Internal Communications

Internal Communications Year In Review 2018

Posted 12 December, 2018

The end of the year is coming. Phew, we’ve nearly made it! Just some loose ends to tidy up, final goals to smash, and our efforts will be rewarded with results to be proud of. Hopefully followed by a nice long holiday somewhere sun-kissed and exotic.

Internal Communications

19 Employee Engagement Ideas for 2019

Posted 07 December, 2018

How to improve employee engagement can be a head-scratcher for HR managers. We know how beneficial it is to productivity and performance - and we know the risks of disengagement. But how to reach employees when everyone's so busy?

Internal Communications Human Resources