Introducing Use Case Templates - A New Way to Create Content

Posted 03 June, 2020 in Product Insights


Creating and sending relevant information to your employees has been made easier with SnapComms new Use Case templates. Designed to overcome common communication challenges, Use Cases are a set of templates that can be used in different scenarios, using different channels, for different types of employee messaging.

The SnapComms Use Cases have been developed from understanding the needs of our 2.5 million users worldwide and the challenges organizations face in delivering effective, engaging messaging. Communicators need to work harder than ever to get employee attention – and often those efforts are wasted.

The solution: Use Cases that address organizations’ communication needs by providing a set of templates that allow important company information to be created and delivered in a faster, simpler and more successful way.

Ready-to-use branding and content

SnapComms Use Case templates feature your company logo and include pre-configured content, allowing you to get started faster. They’re also very easy to use, as content creators can select a Use Case and send straight away, or make minor edits to add specific imagery or wording – all the hard work has already been done.

Use Case templates are available for communicating IT outages, Compliance, Covid-19 messages and many more. Our Covid-19 Use Cases are available to all customers and contain the latest best practice information on hand hygiene, social distancing, working from home and more.

covid-19 wallpapers

An expanding range of new templates

More than 40 Use Case templates are currently available with more continuing to be added. Further templates will soon be available in our Inform and Engage packages to address the diverse requirements of today’s business communications.

The Sentiment and Staff Rating Survey available in our Engage package are a great way to capture staff satisfaction, engagement, opinions and other important metrics that can be easily collected, providing an accurate picture on how staff really feel. These can be used to get a better understanding of your staff’s wellbeing and make it possible for employers to keep their fingers on the pulse of workplace morale.

staff sentiment survey

If you’re already a SnapComms customer, you can access Use Cases by logging into your Content Manager and selecting Create Content. Or to find out more, get in contact with your Customer Success Manager.

Not a SnapComms customer? No problem. You can try all of these Use Cases free for 30 days.Start Free Trial


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