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Internal Enterprise Gamification:

The SnapComms desktop and mobile messaging software blends old school motivational techniques with game design to improve employee communications, enhance workforce learning, and increase overall morale.


The Rise of Enterprise Gamification



As the popularity of online gaming continues to explode, it’s not surprising that organizations around the world are leveraging this technology trend to ignite and sustain positive employee engagement and interactive communications.


Enterprise gamification takes advantage of humans’ predisposition to compete, even against ourselves. While companies have used this knowledge for a number of years to promote products and build brand loyalty with customers, it’s now surfacing as an internal workplace tool to motivate and educate employees in a fun and entertaining manner.

A cost effective way to meet business goals. Because enterprise gamification is a cost-effective way for organizations to achieve a broad range of internal business goals such as, improving employee communications, enhancing training and continued education, or increasing employee satisfaction.

Is Enterprise Gamification Really that New?



In any successful organization, effective two-way employee communication is absolutely critical in:


  • Conducting new hire training

  • Improving and updating various work skills

  • Administering continuing education programs

  • Staying abreast of regulatory compliance statutes

  • Administering various human resource program

  • And most other operational and business processes.


Taking “Employee of the Month” to a whole new level. Enterprise Gamification strategies such as online employee quizzes that make learning fun, engaging, and something to be anticipated, not avoided.

Enterprise gamification helps to make internal communications more impactful and is innovative way to “get the message across”.

Desktop and Mobile Employee Quizzes

Turn-key solution. SnapComms’ employee quiz tools enable employers to implement a turn-key solution that pushes questionnaires, tests, and various other messages to employees’ computers and mobile devices. Quizzes pop up on screen in a visually appealing format, instead of arriving embedded as a static link in a corporate email. Increased participation rates are driven through automatic popup reminders.

Because keeping it simple keeps it effective, SnapComms' employee quizzes are easy to implement and quick to customize with options to include specific educational themes, corporate branding, logos and images. Employee quizzes can include humorous options and innovative reward structures in order to best capture, engage and excite all employees and allows administrators to select winners based on early entry times or randomly.


Spurring increased participation and sparking competitiveness, a key element of SnapComms employee gamification solution also gives employee quiz administrators the ability to include a Leader Board. The Leader Board can display completion rates and rank participants against their peers, if applicable and appropriate. Real-time reporting features enable instant results and rewards, an important factor in the success and acceptance of any motivational initiative.

Additional SnapComms options include the ability to display correct answers and scores to users immediately upon submission and the capacity to target specific user groups or departments. Embedded research links help build understanding by quickly explaining and further defining correct quiz answers through other sources, such as the Intranet.


Reinforcing Key Messages and Recognizing Performance



Employee quizzes are an effective way to strengthen important organizational messages as well as expand and assess employee skills and learning capabilities. Conveniently, SnapComms includes additional features designed to further engage employee participation:

Promote gamification initiatives on network screensavers - Interactive Screensaver Messages that can be customized to promote the employee quizzes and build anticipation and enthusiasm. Messages can promote the rewards and prizes and promptly recognize winners.

Scroll Text on the Desktop - deliver the latest results quickly, announce and recognize winners, generate excitement, and include messages from the CEO or other key influencers.

Enterprise Gamification in Action



Travel Company – Uses desktop employee quizzes to assess comprehension and retention of key brand messages and the lessons shared during weekly brand tutorials.

Software Company – Employs a pop up quiz to reach employees quickly and pose key questions to assess and evaluate their product knowledge.

Internet Service Provider - Uses desktop quizzes to build employee engagement and to reinforce key training and values.

Government Agency – Uses desktop quizzes as part of a continuous process improvement program and to boost morale and staff engagement.

University – Uses popup quizzes to deepen staff engagement and create a sense of community. Users compete for desired prizes such as event tickets and gift baskets/hampers. The first quiz implementation resulted in a 5% staff response within a minute and a 25% response by the end of the first day alone.


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