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A leading intellectual property law firm, has implemented the SnapComms Internal Communications Software as an alternative to email when Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.


Customer Profile

This company is a leading intellectual property law firm with many employees to communicate with that often go for client meetings offsite. 


Internal Communications Objectives

"We needed a way to deliver critical messages that must be read by staff regardless of email availability,” comments the IT Manager.


The SnapComms solution is a suite of interactive internal communication tools that display messages directly onto staff’s computer screens.


“The SnapComms internal communications software will help us make sure that time critical messages get to

users which they’ll have to read. We didn’t want to be reliant on Microsoft Exchange working.”


The firm chose the SnapComms solution after a short trial because it performed the tasks required with minimal set-up and little training allowing them to get it up-and-running very quickly. According to the IT manager, “The SnapComms software has been really good. We have used it numerous times already. We recently went live with a project that we have been working on for years, literally. SnapComms was very useful when it came to putting out messages about the new system.” 

SnapComms internal communications tools used:

Channels selected include; Desktop Alerts, Scrolling Desktop Updates and Pop-up Staff Surveys. Features of the SnapComms internal communications software include; the ability to target messages to particular groups of staff using existing Active Directory settings, message recurrence options and reporting tools to ensure that employees have read and /or acknowledged messages.

• Desktop Alerts - Push targeted messages directly employees' computer screens for time critical message cut through.

 Scrolling Desktop Updates - Scrolling updates along the bottom of employee's computer screens with important updates.

Pop-up Staff Surveys - Survey staff opinions and get a general understanding of staff awareness.





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